Travel Log for April, 2000

Updated July, 2000

Log Date: +729: 000401: 33N26'40.10: 116W52'14.89: Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

April 1 began with the casino party in Friendship Hall at Jojoba Hills. It was lots of fun, and Alice and I spent some of our time as dealers at the various tables.

I had volunteered to Dick Pull to collect and edit Smoke Signals, the monthly Newsletter for Jojoba Hills. I chased everyone down and coerced them into making their submissions (It actually wasn't that difficult. The hard part is to get their attention.) I also started working out the scheme for handling the final submission to the office of the Internet. It all worked!

The next week we joined a party over in the 800's and ate too much turkey and marguiritas. But it was lots of fun. They are a great bunch to be around.

I kept writing on the novel. I judge I have it 95% written with about 90% of the work ahead of me (editing, rewriting, editing, rewriting, etc.) I am finding that I am writing much more easily now, but it still takes a great deal of time.

One bit of disappointing news came along. Our good friends Jack and Loralee Merrifield decided to leave Jojoba Hills SKP Resort and move their base of operations to Washington. They have been good buddies and lots of fun. We will miss them.

Log Date: +740: 000412: 34N26'32.46: 118W12'40.26: Soledad Canyon TTN, Acton, CA

We pulled out on Wednesday the 12th in Little AL to go spend four days in the Soledad Canyon TTN park, not too far from Lancaster. This gave us a chance to check out the new rig and the place where we were to go and park for the Escapade. We also had a chance to just relax.

There were several Jojobans who showed up at Soledad Canyon. Like us, they were staging for the Escapade.

We had thought about going in with the Boomers (a Birds of a Feather group of "younger" SKPs), but just got a little lazy and didn't bother finding where they were collecting.

Log Date: +744: 000416: 34N43'12.00: 118W6'52.80: Lancaster Fairgrounds, Lancaster, CA

Bright and late Sunday morning, we unhooked everything and headed over to Lancaster. We got into one of the lines and were directed to one of the rearest of the lots, right next to the street. But that was okay, we had come to Lancaster for the Escapade, not to spend time looking into the distance around us.

The Escapade was like most others, lots of fun and activity. We met a lot of old friends and noticed they were even older than last time. We volunteered as a couple on the Help Desk for an afternoon and Alice was a room host one of the seminars. We sat with the Jojobans a couple of times at the general sessions; we also sat with the Boomers. They were a totally rowdy bunch and it felt good to be a kid again and yell and make a lot of noise. Unfortunately, it bothered some of the others at the sessions, but it was all in good fun.

The Boomers did a clown act at each general session that was great fun and added a lot to the color.

I only went to a couple of the seminars. I guess I am reaching the point where I think I know it all. Alice did a few more than me. We both went to the seminar on Traveling in Canada and got some good pointers for going to the Fun Days. After hearing of what we could see, we decided maybe we should spend more than two weeks looking around the place. Once again, we started changing our itinerary.

One night the rains came in and it poured. By the next morning it looked mostly dry, but when Alice stepped outside to walk Wolf, she found a really deep pile of muddy, wet soil and sank to her ankles. After that we took care about where we walked.

We had a chance to meet with Pat and Arden Houser who are handling the Fun Days in Kamloops, BC. We met Paul and Sandy Chamberlain who will be our assistants for the Jr. Escapees activities. (Did I mention that we volunteered last summer to be Chairmen for Jr. Escapees at the next Fun Days?). We did some good planning and bonding.

After five days of being around SKPs, it was time to go. Once again we had been invigorated by being around one of the finest groups of people you can find on the road, the Escapees. If you are not a SKP, you should be.

Log Date: +749: 000421: 33N26'40.10: 116W52'14.89: Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

Friday morning it was hitch-up breakfast/meeting and then back to Jojoba Hills. Everything there was about the same. canoeing at Jojoba HillsWe watched Jack and Loralee pull out for the last time (we'll see them down the road) and cheered Bud Lewin on as he kept changing the sprinkler head on the fountain in the new lake.

Alice and I took the "55 Alive" driving course. It reminded us of some of the common sense rules we had learned in the past, and then forgotten in practice, like keeping back a 3 second distance from the car you are following. It also would go towards reducing our insurance rates.

I finished the July/Aug article for the RV Companion and sent it off. Next I had to start collecting for the May issue of Smoke Signals. Maybe I was writing too much!!

It was Easter week, and our friends Gordon and Nancy Richardson from Sacramento came by in their Bounder and spent the night at Jojboa Hills. They were impressed with the park, but they needed to get on to Sacramento so they could go back to work the next week. So they only stayed one night. Maybe they will come back. It was another reminder of how lucky Alice and I are to be fully retired.

As the end of April approached I reminded myself that this was the end a four month period when I had started to become much more involved in the management affairs of Jojoba Hills, but I lost the election and did not become immersed. I thought of how lucky I was.

I was still recovering. I decided at that point I should let those who still wanted to control things have their way -- it just wasn't my bag. I was no longer a Type-A.

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