Travel Log for December, 2000

Updated September, 2002

Log Date: +936: 001025: 33N27'6.4: 116W52'1.8: Jojoba Hills, Aguanga CA

December was spent talking around about Board business and ripping CDs for mp3 recordings. We had a Boomers social and then Alice went to see Dr. Bernstein. I talked to Michael about the patent a friend of his was interested in getting funding for.

We prepared for travel.

Log Date: +988: 001116: 33N27'6.4: 116W52'1.8: Fairgrounds, Hanford CA

December 16 we drove straight through to Hanford.

on 12/21 I had an echocardiogram at Dr. Gavinni.

Log Date: +999: 001227: 33N27'6.4: 116W52'1.8: Palm Spring TTN, Palm Desert CA

After Christmas we headed for Palm Desert. We had New Years at Janets.


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