Travel Log for February, 2000

Updated on February 29, 2000

Log Date: +669: 000201: 33N45'53.86: 116W18'33.00: Palm Springs TTN, Palm Desert, CA

We had been in Palm Springs TTN Park since the 26th of January, resting up and sheading tension. It was a time to relax in the hot tub and do some shopping.

Tuesday the 1st was Janet and Michael's wedding anniversary, so we all went out to celebrate. It was another exhorbinant dinner with lots of fun.

Then the 2nd it was our anniversary. It has been forty-three years since that cold night in Oklahoma when we were trying to get away from those Guthrie kids who wanted to chivary us. Lot a water under the bridge.

On Wednesday we left the trailer again and drove over to spend the night at Jojoba Hills in the Automate. The annual meeting and election was the next morning.

The annual meeting moved along efficiently, and discussions about the various proposals were pretty brief. Then they collected the ballots for the election of the board of directors. There were nine candidates for four seats on the board. The meeting recessed for lunch after the ballots were collected.

All the candidates were supposed to join the board in the craft room for lunch. As we were finishing, the election committee reported the results to the President. After some discussion, he told the assembled group the results. I had come in fifth, two votes behind Dick Pull.

I felt a wave of disappointment quickly replaced by a feeling of relief. All of a sudden, my plans for the coming year were no longer forced into a particular mold by the board election. It started to become a pleasant feeling.

After the meeting adjourned, Alice and I prepared to head back to Palm Desert. We decided that since I didn't have to be back for any Board activities, we would extend our stay in Palm Desert and not come back until the 9th.

So it was back to the relaxation of the date palm grove. We again went out for supper with Janet and Michael and took things easy. That is, until the weekend when I received a call from Charlie. Sherri, a member of the board not up for re-election, had resigned at the first meeting, and as the candidate in fifth place, I was a possibility for the position. Suddenly, I was once again faced with having my future forced into a mold centered around the board.

The last two days in Palm Desert were again tense, and there was much discussion about whether or not I should agree to be involved. It was a dilemna.

Log Date: +677: 000209: 33N26'40.10: 116W52'14.89: Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

On Wednesday the 9th, we hitched up Little AL and headed back up the mountain and over to Jojoba Hills SKP Resort. We made it in time for the social hour, and I had a chance to talk with Charlie to answer some of his questions. I also talked with a number of others who were very upset about the way some of the election had been handled. They pleaded with me to accept the position if it was offered. Finally, after lots of thought, I concluded I should step up to the responsibility and called Dick Pull, who had been elected the new President, and informed him I would accept an appointment if it was offered.

Then it was a matter of waiting.

Over the weekend, I heard several rumors that indicated the board had decided to appoint a different person, and since I had heard nothing, I began to believe that was the case. Again it was a wave of disapppointment mixed with relief. But I couldn't be sure.

Early Monday morning I had a physical examination with Dr. Ebersole, and he said I was pretty fit but needed to exercise. Then we headed back to the Resort for the board meeting. At the meeting it was announced that the seventh place candidate had been named to fill the vacant position. There was much discussion.

I finally decided I had been jerked around too much, and it was beginning to wear on me. I called some of the people who still wanted to fight over the apppointment and said I could not be involved, it was wearing me down too much.

So ended a three month period when I started to become much more involved in the affairs of Jojoba Hills but did not. I was still recovering.

Log Date: +686: 000218: 33N33'16.16: 116W49'53.58: Oak Springs Ranch Campground

On the 18th we joined the Chapter 13 folks for an outing just 12 miles away. We were there four nights and had a delightful time. We played games and ate far too much. Then the rains started, and it was a little cold, but we made it okay.

bird at Chapter 13 rallyOne interesting event on this trip was a visit by a woodpecker. The windows of the trailer are reflective, and this bird took a great interest in the bird he saw in the windows. He provided us with several hours of entertainment.

Log Date: +689: 000221: 33N26'40.10: 116W52'14.89: Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

Returning to Jojoba Hills, we spent the remainder of February getting organized and thinking about what to do the coming summer. We planned to take a longer trip to Fun Days and back. Maybe I could even start taking some more photos for inclusion on this webpage.

I guess the real comment I want to make is that when we adopted a base camp and got involved in the day to day affairs of the park, it soaked up all my time and energy. It was not retirement. It was work. I am still trying to get my head screwed back on the right way.

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