Travel Log for March, 2000

Updated July, 2000

Log Date: +698: 000301: 33N26'40.10: 116W52'14.89: Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

There was a board meeting with general attendance on the second of the month. We attended, and I kept my mouth shut. It was a pretty good meeting, with all the new board members working to do their best. Dick Pull was ready to resign, but he was encouraged to rethink that decision and agreed to stuck it out.

On Friday I called a meeting of those interested in helping with the Jojoba Hills web site. There was pretty good attendance but everyone seemed more interesting in listening than getting involved. Then on Saturday we had a jam session. I played the piano -- it's been a long time and it showed. It was lots of fun and there was a good response from those who came down to listen.

Life at Jojoba Hills settled into a routine, and the next week we had another web meeting and jam session. Not much was accomplished.

Log Date: +712: 000315: 36N19'1.86: 119W38'4.08: King's County Fairgrounds, Hanford, CA

The next Wednesday we headed north with Little AL to spend my birthday with my sister. Her birthday was the day before mine, so it was a chance to celebrate both together. We had a nice meeting with family and did the full birthday thing. But things have begun to drag a little, and we were ready to head back south by the end of the week.

Log Date: +716: 000319: 33N45'53.86: 116W18'33.00: Palm Springs TTN, Palm Desert, CA

We pulled Little AL back down to the Palm Springs TTN park and stayed for ten days. dust in Palm SpringsOne of the big events was the major dust storm that blew in right behind us. The wind came from the north and picked up dust from the fields behind the TTN park. The palm trees kept it from blowing too hard, but the dust really cut down on the visibility. And our rig was covered after the blow.

We took a trip back over to Jojoba to check out how things were going, but most of our attention was focused on the Chowchilla Valley. I worked on the book and Alice cleaned and organized. We spent some time with my sister and used their home as a base for getting on the Internet.

We went to the factory stores up I-10 at Banning and bought some good stuff. We swam some in the pool and endured some of the winds that kept wanting to blow through the area while we were there.

Log Date: +726: 000328: 33N26'40.10: 116W52'14.89: Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

Finally on Wednesday we headed back to Jojoba and took life easy.

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