Travel Log for November, 2000

Updated September, 2002

Log Date: +936: 001025: 33N27'6.4: 116W52'1.8: Jojoba Hills, Aguanga CA

We began November at Jojoba Hills with no travel plans in sight.

I sent off the RV Companion article. arranged to get a flu shot. went to the Riverside Writer's Conference, finished the ad for RV Journal, submitted papers to run for the Board.

Deb arrived on 11/18 to spend Thanksgiving with us. We drove over to Palm Desert to see Janet and Michael and celebrate Alice's birthday.

On 11/21 I moved little Al to 619 so Mike and Gail would have a place to stay. They arrived and we had a good time getting ready for and then having Thanksgiving together. Mike and Gail came over.

On 11/24 we drove over to the Wild Animal Kingdom and I took lots of pictures.

After the kids left I took the truck into town and replaced the batteries. I continued working on the New Madrid book. I called Steve in La Pine about the status of Starband. I am on the list to get one.

I attended another BOD meeting the end of November.



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