Travel Log for September, 2000

Updated September, 2000

Log Date: +882: 000901: 47N5'22.80: 122W23'48.00: JC's backyard, Spanaway, WA

Today is Labor Day.We are parked in JC's back yard. We've been here since 8/23, almost two weeks. Tomorrow we rig up and head south to Chehalis TTN Park.

I have been working on getting these webpages up to date. Once you fall behind in a travelogue, you just get further and further behind. I hope to get it off before stopping tonight. At this point the upload is over 13 megabytes. I have the trip reports for May which contain a lot of photos, including some panoramas. There is also lots of writing.

Our son is off flying to South America. Such is the life of a pilot in the Air Force. I guess someone has to do it.

Log Date: +886: 000905: 46N37'26.40: 122W46'36.6: Chehalis TTN, Chehalis, WA

Berries at ChehalisWe pulled out of JC's backyard and headed down the road to Chehalis. Jim and Carol Suddarth came to visit us on Wednesday. We met them at a pizza place in Centralia. Then on Thursday I took the truck in for service. Returning to Chehalis we took life easy and made arrangements for purhasing a new refrigerator.

We spent some of the time just walking around the preserve. There are plenty of native plants around the area, and in the fall they begin to become very colorful. This is one of our favorite parks.

Log Date: +891: 000910: 45N20'12.50: 122W45'45.6: Pleasant Ridge RV Park, Wilsonville, OR

We moved on down just past Portland within shopping distance of Camping World. Alice had her eye set on a new refrigerator with a 9.5 cubic foot capacty to replace the 7.5 cubic foot Dometic we had. It fit into the same space, but provided a great deal more usable space, both in the freezer and in the regular storage. It turns out it was also more efficient. All for less than $2,000!!

The next morning we drove over to Camping World for the installation. Of course, there was no market for our perfectly good older Dometic, so I gave it to the workman on the floor in exchange for putting in some extra insulation.

While waiting for the refrigerator to be installed we found a Fry's Electronics close by and went for a window shopping trip. By the time we left I had purchased a new camera, a Sony Mavica FD95 with a 20x zoom and the ability to store 1200 by 1600 pixel photos, plus a couple of Memory Sticks and a Floppy Disk Adapter, all for just over $1,200. This was an expensive day.

Log Date: +893: 000912: 43N49'22.98: 121W27'17.58: Bend TTN, Sunriver, OR

We headed over to Bend TTN Park to spend a week, dropping down I-5 to Salem where we caught OR-22 over to Santiam then continued on US-20 to Bend. The roads were all good with some inclines up and down through the cascades. Driving through Bend was slow, but we made it on down US-97 past the Sun River turnoff to Vandervert Road and S Century Drive that took us into the Thousand Trails Park.

A river in OregonAlong the way I took some pictures with the new camera. The resolution is much higher, so the detail is better. I decided to reduce the size of the big prints to 800 by 600. That may still be too large to put on the website. But anyway, this picture of the fall leaves against the reflections of the water shows off some of the added quality and features.

On Friday we picked up our mail.then headed into the town of Bend. We found the Costco and went shopping. While there we found a great buy on a new laptop, a Toshiba 2775. It was a good price with no sales tax, so we spent another two grand.

The next day we heard from another renter in the park that a store down in La Pine had satellite Internet. We scurried down but they were closed for the weekend. We returned on Monday and met Steve Oldham of Home Entertainment, Inc. to talk about how it all worked. He demonstrated Starband and the speed was amazing. He was only beta testing, but pointed out that there was a relationship between DISH and Starband. Since we were on a roll I made a deal to upgrade from DirectTV to DISH and bought a DISH 500 unit. It had really been an expensive week.

Log Date: +901: 000920: 39N31'21.40: 119W46'28.8: Bally's RV Park, Reno, NV

Rabbit BushOur next stop was in Reno, 173 miles away. We continued south on US-97 into LaPine where we picked up OR-31. This land is mostly flat, high desert, so it wasn't long before we had reached Valley Falls and US-395. Most of the color along the way was provided by the clumps of Rabbit Bush.

We followed US-395 into Reno where we stayed a couple of days at the Bally RV Park. We did a bit of shopping and some gambling. We also did some exercise. Most of the time was spent getting our new toys to work correctly. They did.

Log Date: +903: 000922: 38N11'24.40: 119W12'24.6: Willow Springs, Bridgeport, CA

On Friday we pulled out of Reno and headed on down US-395 towards Bodie to do some research for my Bodie book. The trip was only 120 miles, so we reached the Willow Springs Campground on the east side of US-396 six miles south of Bridgeport before noon. The drive down was uneventful, and as always the back side of the Sierras are beautiful.

Friday afternoon we took a drive to check out the lay of the land. First we drove into Bridgeport and toured the court house. It is an impressive old building. Then we headed back down the road to drive to Bodie. Just past the campground we turned left onto CA-270. It was briefly an asphalt road then became a dirt road, albeit a well prepared one.

From there we made a couple of trips over to Bodie.


Log Date: +907: 000926: 39N7'7.40: 119W46'24.0: Comstock Country RV Resort, Carson City, NV

We came back up US-395 to the campground at the intersection with US-50 to spend the night.

Log Date: +903: 000927: 38N54'0.0: 121W34'15.0: Lake Minden TTN, Nicholas, CA

On Wednesday we drove on down to Lake Minden TTN to take care of personal stuff.

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