Travel Log for August, 2001

Updated September, 2002

Log Date: +1216: 010801: 33N27.10': 116W52.06': 2190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

August began with continuing problems with the wells, plans for the roads, and work on the Reserve Study.

We found a firm in Hemet with a large rig that could pull the pump from Oak Grove well. We had to do some leveling of the area to get it in. When they started out the casing came with it. Jim Haley, a well driller from Aguanga was helping by then, and he suggested locking the casing down to try to leave it in the hole. After helping with that task they were able to break the pump lose from the casing and pull it on out. When it reached the surface the pump, motor, and cable all looked okay but the motor was definitely shorted out.

We had been informed that we could not just forget the old well. There was a process required to abandon it including a permit, and it would cost over $5,000 to do it. Jim Haley suggested we try to redrill the existing well; he would help. The first step was to pull the casing, which he did. When we finally got the casing from the 150 foot level where the pump had been we saw the evidence of what had happened. The 6" PVC casing had been melted. It was deformed and you could see impressions of the annulus gravel in the plastic. We also found that there were no perforations in the casing above the pump, so all the water must have come from below, providing no cooling for the pump motor. In addition, upon measurement we found the diameter of the pump and motor left only a one-eighth inch annulus between the motor and the casing.

We also determined from what records we could find that when a relay burned out the mechanical flapper valve closed and stayed closed while the motor continued running for up to 96 hours until the motor burned finally out. The 15hp motor turned the pump into a heat generator.

We went out for bids to redrill the well. Jim Haley came in with the best offer and we contracted with him to begin the work as soon as he could. He had to have a special bit made since we wanted to keep the sanitary casing at the top of the well so it would be next month before drilling could start.

The Board met with the folks who did the original chipseal job on our roads. They were in need of another coating and a crew had been working to patch potholes that were beginning to develop. The original estimate of how long the coating would last seems to have been high, so we needed to do a reseal sooner than planned.

The Board also met with Rob Petrisin about his program and services for doing the Reserve Study. We agreed he would help the Reserves Committee to complete the job and present the year-end report.

During the month there were BBQs and the like. I did propane, and both Alice and I took the AED (Automatic External Defribulator) duty several times during the month. This program provides a quick emergency response to 911 calls in the park so someone is there until the Emergency Technicians arrive, usually after 15 to 20 minutes.

We did little traveling except into Temecula. However, on the 4th we drove over to Janet's in Palm Desert to celebrate her birthday.

The jam sessions continued every week and were good practice. I was definitely getting better on the slide guitar.

Starband offered an upgrade for their modem. I accepted and when it arrived I installed the Starband 360 modem. I futszed with it for several days then finally concluded it was DOA. I called them up and they sent a second unit that worked just fine.

Towards the end of the month we got a shock from SBE. Our health insurance rates were going up again, to over $3,000 per month! After talking things over with Susan, we all agreed Alice and I should go onto an HMO here in southern California. Even so, the rates were still over $1,500.

I finished two other projects during the month. The wheels on the front gate had finally worn completely out, and I got a new set and installed them. I also finished the prep for the new park brochure.

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