Travel Log for December, 2001

Updated July, 2001

Log Date: +1338: 011201: 33N27.15': 116W52.09': 2,190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

Work continuted at Jojoba Hills. It was time for the employee reviews and Barb and I were immersed in those issues. It was obvious that something better needed to be done.

On the 4th I went for an EKG in Dr. Wood's office, and we started preparing for our trip to northern California.

Log Date: +1343: 011206: 36N18.97': 119W38.10': 253': Fairgrounds, Hanford, CA

On Thursday the 6th we headed out for our trip north. We drove the 327 miles to Hanford in one day, a long trip. After camping at the Fairgrounds we went for dinner with Rosemary and Everett and then went to their house to distribute presents.

Log Date: +1344: 011207: 38N54.75': 121W34.95: 43': Lake Minden TTN, Nicholaus, CA

The following day we drove to Lake Minden TTN Park north of Sacramento, a trip of 227 miles. The next morning we drove down to Martinez for grandson Jeremiah's Eagle Scout ceremony.

We returned to Lake Minden after supper and spent the next few days visiting in the Sacramento area. On the 13th I called in for a Board meeting.

Log Date: +1351: 011214: 36N1.49': 121W36.90': 0': Sugar Barge, Antioch, CA

Friday we drove 60 miles to Sugar Barge Resort for the Diablo Caravaners get-together. We had a great time meeting with our old friends. Unfortunately, that is getting to be the most apt description of them. But I guess Alice and I are also getting old.

I had the chance to practice on the slide guitar with Harry Webster on some Christmas Carols. It added to the fun.

Log Date: +1353: 011216: 36N18.97': 119W38.10': 253': Fairgrounds, Hanford, CA

Sunday morning we pulled out headed to Hanford. We again had dinner with Rosemary and distributed more presents.

Log Date: +1354: 011217: 33N27.15': 116W52.09': 2,190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

On Monday we drove the remaining 320 miles to Jojoba Hills. The next morning we were able to replenish our propane supply and get things back to order.

We found that the Starband antenna had blown over in the wind while we were away. I had forgotten to tie it down. The front arm had torn out of the fiberglass antenna. I started checking around to see if I could find a replacement, but had no luck. In the end I finally got some epoxy and did a repair of my own. It seemed to work well. From now on the antenna will have safety ropes holding it to the trailer.

We got the December mailing together and it made it out on the 21st. Things have slowed down a bit on the Board business, but I figure they will pick up in January.

I made an appointment for a stress test with Dr. Wood. It is a pain going through the business of getting referrals and all.

We hosted another table at the Christmas dinner and had a lively group.

And then on the 31st we went down for the New Year's Eve party. We had missed the ones in the past and this one looked to be a pretty lively one.

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