Travel Log for February, 2001

Updated September, 2001

Log Date: +1035: 010201: 33N27.11': 116W52.01': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

February 1st was the date for the annual membership meeting for Jojoba Hills SKP Resort. The meeting started at 9am and several regular matters were taken care of. Then the election for the Board of Directors was held.

There had been five Board openings and eight candidates. Then during machinations in January, three of the Board departed, leaving seven openings. It was becoming more and more evident I would get a Board seat, whether I wanted it or not.

There were two nominations from the floor: Marie DeFeo and Sherri Lewis. That meant there would be one loser. The secret ballots were collected and we took a break. When we returned, the seven "winners" were announced. I was elected to the Board along with Bob Stringer, Chuck Dillow, Harry Graff, Fred Goll, Marie, and Sherri.

There were many items of business for the new board to do. The seven elected members had not been on the Board. Only two members of the old Board remained, so there was a real learning experience for us all.

Alice and I celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary on the 2nd. We didn't do much except relax. Then on the 3rd we joined a group to take a bus trip over to Laughlin where we did our real celebrating. Unfortunately, it cost more than the meal, but we had fun. The trip back we came through Joshua Tree and Desert Hot Springs. There is a lot of desert out in those parts.

The next few days were spent getting things together with the new Board and understanding just what it was we had to do. We had a team-building meeting with pizza. It appears the new Board is made up of a bunch of compatible folks. That is good.

First Starband baseSteve Oldham arrived in Palm Desert with my Starband equipment. I was finally getting set up for the Internet over the Satellite. He came over and installed it. It took a couple of tries, but it worked. Downloading at 1.3mbps is really nice.

Second Starband baseSteve has built a nice portable mount for the Starband antenna. My first mount was done on a couple of pieces of plywood, but the new mount arrived and we set it up. It looks great and it seems to weather the winds pretty well, at least if I put some weight on it.

The weather turned blustery and cool. There was intermittant rain.

Snow on the PalomarsThen on the morning of the 14th we woke up to snow on the Palomar Mountains. The air was totally clear and the views were spectacular. We were not in the freezing zone but it was obvious that the top of the mountain was cold. It is one of the things that makes this place so wonderful.

Log Date: +1049: 010215: 32N47.80': 117W13.52': Campland RV Park, San Diego, CA

After the Board meeting Thursday morning, Alice and I closed up the rig and headed out with Little Al in tow for San Diego. The drive down I-15 was smooth and uncluttered. We turned west on the Soledad Freeway (SR 52) and drove over to I-5, turning south for a couple of miles to the Garnet Avenue exit.

We should have turned right on Garnet but we continued down Mission Bay by mistake. Then we drove by Grand and finally had to find a place where we could turn around and come back. We turned west on Grand and then turned into the recreation area. I took the time to look the map over closely and finally saw how to reach our destination.

We continued west on Grand to the light where we could turn left on Lee to reach another portion of Mission Bay Drive. At last there was a big sign announcing Campland so we just followed the directions on in.

We checked into Campland for four nights. Thursday and Sunday night were $29, Friday and Saturday were $40.

After setting up we drove over to the Old Town area where the conference was to be held. We located the hotel and then found a place to eat.

The Southern California Writer's Conference was a good one. I had a chance to meet several other aspiring writers and to listen to some professional writers tell of what to do and not to do. I also had a chance to talk with a professional who reviewed a couple of chapters from Memphis 7.7.

All in all, the conclusion was that I had a good story and had started it well. However, I had this affliction of using passive voice (lots of was's). I also needed to spike up the characters -- they were too mundane. The good and bad news was that I should get busy and finish the book -- it needed a major rewrite but the story would sell!!!

During this time Alice had a great time touring Old San Diego and seeing the town. We had a couple of great dinners. We will go back down and take our time to enjoy. Maybe at the next Writer's Conference -- who knows.

Log Date: +1053: 010219: 33N27.11': 116W52.01': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

On Monday we returned to Jojoba Hills. There were more meetings about Board matters.

Bev Weiber from RV Companion sent me email asking that I write a couple of other articles for the magazine. I worked on those and ran behind getting the Netlinks article finished.

After thinking about where I was on Memphis 7.7, I decided to stop the major editing effort others were doing on my novel. I had learned a great deal at the Writer's Conference, and I needed to apply it. I needed to do a major rewrite before asking others to edit my work. I sent out messages to that effect to Deb, Roseann, and Janet.

As February ended Alice and I started planning our trip back east. I was still committed to going, even though I now had the responsibilities with the Board. We planned to leave on March 25.

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