Travel Log for January, 2001

Updated April, 2001

Log Date: +1004: 010101: 33N45.87': 116W18.85': Palm Springs TTN, Palm Desert, CA

date trees at Palm Springs TTNWe spent New Year's eve at sister Janet's home in Palm Desert and then drove back to our rig at the Thousand Trails park alongside I-10. The park was quiet but the highway was loud. I took no photos during this time -- part of being burned out by being a tourist. So all I have is a file photo of the TTN Park at Palm Desert. It is a nice place to stay, especially during the winter season.

We went back to Janet's for New Years Day to visit with Kurt and Barbara Pitts. We almost laughed ourselves sick telling funnies and discussing the world.

We spent some time with the Baldwins, our friends from Tacoma. We invited them to visit us at Jojoba Hills.

On Friday we left our little rig at TTN and drove the truck back over the mountain to Jojoba Hills so I could take part in the Board Candidate's Forum. It was a good meeting and every candidate contributed good thoughts to the discussions. However, some of the goings-on in the park left me wondering how things would be. I felt a little apprehensive about being a candidate. We drove back to Palm Desert that evening.

The next Sunday, January 7, I "finished" the first draft of "Memphis 7.7". That is, I declared that I had written the basic set of words making up the novel. Microsoft Word estimated the total book to be 729 pages long. As a celebration we took Michael, Janet, and Sasha out for dinner. The next step in the process is the editing!

We remained in Palm Desert for the full length of our stay at TTN, until the 9th of January, mostly just taking it easy and hanging out. It was a pleasant chance to get some writing done. I had a feeling that my time would become more precious as we moved toward the end of January.

Log Date: +1012: 010901: 33N27.11': 116W52.01': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

It was time to return to base camp. We pulled the rig up I-10 to Banning then down Hwy 79 through Hemet. It was our first time on the upper portion of 79. I was pleased with the condition of the road. It was a smooth four lane road until we took the short cut down Sanderson Avenue to miss the center of Hemet. The shortcut was okay as well since it was little traveled, but it was a bumpier road. We thought about going down R3 to Jojoba Hills, but then thought better of it and took 74 over to I-215 and down through Temecula.

We returned to our base camp and set up. It was good to be settled once again.

The rest of January was taken up with meetings and such, getting ready for the election. I had several training sessions with the people who were interested in helping with the webmaster duties, and we made some good progress. It appears I will not have much time available.

The Baldwins and another couple came over for a visit. We had a good time showing them around the Resort and telling them about the Escapee approach. They sent email the next day saying both they and their friends had decided to join the SKPs.

I signed up to go to the Southern California Writers Conference in San Diego in February and prepared a submission to be reviewed at the conference in a one-on-one meeting with a professional writer. I also printed out the first two chapters and sent to Janet and Roseann for editing. Deb and JC received their's by email.

Alice and I finally had the time to go in for eye checkups. Sure enough, we both needed new glasses.

Finally, the month came to an end. The next day would be the annual meeting and the election. Sigh!

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