Travel Log for July, 2001

Updated July, 2001

Log Date: +1185: 010701: 33N27.10': 116W52.06': 2190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

As we began July we were settled in at Jojoba Hills. There was plenty of Board business to take care of and a little bit of local running around.

The park had a hamburger/potluck feed at the Clubhouse on the fourth of July. Then on Sunday the 8th Alice and I drove up to Idyllwyld TTN Park to look around. It is close enough to go camping over the weekend or so.

I helped on propane dispensing and we locked up the Clubhouse several times. There were several Saturday jam sessions that were lots of fun. I was improving on the slide guitar but had a long ways to go.

I decided to switch our ISPs around. I dropped Earthlink and reduced AOL. We still had Starband.

Then about the 17th we started having trouble with the Oak Grove well. It seems a valve used to stop the water hammer had stuck closed and the pump tried to send water against a dead-head until it burned out. Luckily Lonnie Jordan returned early from his trip and joined the group to help. We soon found the well was down totally for some unknown amount of time. We had only the Three Tank well for our water supply since the Pepper Tree well was still off-line. Lonnie turned off all the irrigation system and Barb Karlosky and I started monitoring the tanks to be sure we didn't run out of water.

The park needed a new drawing for the storage yard since the upper section had been added. When I tried to find the drawings that were used to make the latest modifications I found nothing. So Alice and I surveyed the storage yard with the GPS and created a new drawing. It was kind of fun.

The status of the well was looking more and more bleak. Lynch, the people who had drilled the well, came out to pull the pump and bent the boom on their truck. They sent out a bigger truck and bent that boom as well. Then they suggested we would have to abandon the well and drill another. In the meantime, Al Porges was finding more things wrong with the control system, things that probably contributed to the failure of the well in the first place. We were able to turn on the irrigation system but only once per week. We still monitored the level of the water in the tanks.

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