Travel Log for June, 2001

Updated May 13, 2001

Log Date: +1155: 010601: 35N34.20': 97W15.56': Choctaw KOA, Oklahoma City, OK

We drove down to Chickasha to see my aunt Lottie. That night Roseann came back out for supper

Saturday Roseann joined us and we worked on her computer. That evening Alice and I went to the Pelican in Midwest City. It was not so great.

Log Date: +1157: 010603: 38N22.49': 97W38.20': Mustang Mobile Home Park, McPherson, KS

Sunday we packed up and headed to McPherson. The weather was cloudy and we worried about T-storms. We joined Margaret and Ralph for supper.

Monday I worked on writing while Alice and Margaret went shopping. They came back to pick me up for lunch. Margaret stopped in front of a music store on Main Street and I went in to look. The owner, John, informed me he had just received two lap steels. I ended up buying one, a Rickenbacker. I spent the evening practicing in the basement.

Tuesday we all went to Hutchinson to the Kansas Space Center. It was very interesting. They now focus on the interaction between US and Russia that lead to the race to the moon. They also had a SR-71 and Space Shuttle in the lobby.

Log Date: +1160: 010606: 38N22.49': 97W38.20': Shady Grove RV Park, Siebert, CO

Wednesday we packed up early and headed towards Denver. After 333 miles we stopped at Siebert. The biggest problem is that they are working on the I-70 overpass and it took most of an hour to get across the freeway overpass to purchase fuel and come back. The campground did have a modem hookup in the old office building.

Log Date: +1161: 010607: 39N46.96': 104W49.66': Denver Meadows RV Park, Aurora, CO

Thursday we drove into Denver to visit with Barbara Cooksey Medley, Alice's childhood friend. We camped at the Denver Meadows RV Park just off I-225. The good thing is that it is near to the center of Denver and close to where Barbara lived. It was a bit overgrown and not all that clean. We had a nice visit with the Medleys and went to supper at a nice place in Ellington. The clouds built to the north and east and were a pretty sight.

We talked with Alice's brother Chuck that evening. Dorothy, his wife, had just come home from the hospital and he advised that she was feeling badly and we should skip Brigham City this time.

Log Date: +1162: 010608: 41N33.30': 109W31.04': Tex's Travel Park, Green River, WY

Friday morning early we left Denver on a 375 mile push to Green River, Wyoming. I wanted to be out of the weather that was still threatening Denver and get into some cooler climates.

The drive through Denver went smoothly. The freeways have been changed quite recently so our Streets map did not quite match the roads. We followed the signs and made it even easier getting over to I-25.

We bought fuel in Cheyenne. Then we headed west on I-80. It was a long pull to reach Rock Springs, and then another 12 miles to reach Green River. We were both trying to remember just where the campground was, and then finally started seeing some familiar places. We settled in for a two night stay and some rest.

During the first night there was some lightening and thunder but not too bad.

On Saturday we just took it easy. We did drive downtown to purchase some fuel and buy some wine. Not much selection. I practiced on the guitar and did some writing.

Log Date: +1164: 010610: 40N44.07': 114W02.56': State Line RV Park, Wendover, UT/NV

Sunday we left Green River and headed 286 miles to Wendover. Much of the road tends to go downhill from Rock Springs into Salt Lake City. The road was smooth and not crowded. Since it was Sunday morning the drive through Salt Lake went smoothly. They have finally finished most of the major construction for the Olympics and there were no holdups.

We stopped at a truck rest alongside Salt Lake and had lunch. Then it was mostly a flat drive across the salt flats until the rise into Wendover.

The campground was in Utah, their address was Nevada. We set up and then went to the casino to look around. Alice wanted a nice meal, and they had a good restaurant. We had an expensive meal. Luckily, the roulette numbers went my way and I was able to pay for supper.

The roulette wheel I played was very interesting. It was the first one I have actually played that had only a single 0 with no double 00. It changed the odds, but I don't think that's the reason I won on the table.

Log Date: +1165: 010611: 40N57.88': 117W44.70': Model T Casino RV Park, Winnemuca, NV

Monday morning we left Wendover and headed 238 miles to Winnemuca, Nevada. There were several passes and it slowed us down. It also cost in fuel mileage. Finally it was fairly level along the Humbolt River. There was a bit of a head wind but at least the weather was cool.

The RV Park in Winnemuca as very clean. We moved to a second spot after there was trouble between one of our slideouts and a tree, but that was easily handled. We had supper at the Model T Casino, fairly good but not spectacular. It rained some during the night.

Log Date: +1166: 010612: 39N40.21': 120W10.61': 5,974': Coachland RV Park, Truckee, CA

Tuesday after dumping the tanks we left Winnemuca and headed the 197 miles to Truckee, California. The weather continued cool and it was an easy drive. We ran into some construction after we got into California but left at Hwy-89 to stop at Coachland. It was noon so the office was closed and we picked our own spot to set up. I was able to find a good window through the trees for the satellite.

Bob and Penny Fink showed up about 5pm and we went off for supper in Truckee. Bob treated us to a delightful dinner at Bar of America.

Wednesday Bob and Penny were meeting with their sub-contractors on their new house, so their morning was busy. Alice washed clothes and I washed the truck. We also saved all the data files from her computer in anticipation of taking it in for repair.

About 4pm we went over to the Finks for visits and supper. We met their new puppy -- all 70 pounds of her. They took us for a walk down at the equestrian center. I got some great flower pictures. Then we had another incredible Penny Fink dinner. It was another delightful visit.

Log Date: +1168: 010614: 38N54.05': 121W34.02': 70': Lake Minden TTN Resort, Nicolaus, CA

Thursday morning Alice and I went into Truckee for breakfast. Returning, we packed the trailer and headed 110 miles to Lake Minden. The drive along I-80 was reasonable, but we ran into construction further down. It was not too bad but it did slow us up. We decided to cut across to Nicolaus but were not sure just where to turn off to Lincoln, so we went all the way down to 65. When we made it back up to Lincoln we watched carefully and found the left turn that took us to the west toward Nicolaus. The road was a bit harsh but we found our way to Lake Minden and checked in, deciding to spend the time over in D section under the shade trees.

It was still early in the day so we headed to Sacramento to take Alice's laptop by Fry's Electronics. We demonstrated the problem and showed them the extra warranty we had purchased 2 years, 9 months ago. They said it would be ready in three days. We then went to Deb's house to collect email and go to supper at Fresh Choice -- it was good to have a California salad again.

Friday we went to Nicolaus to pick up mail then into Yuba City for fuel and groceries. Diesel was $1.529. The new TopoUSA 3.0 from DeLorme arrived and I checked it out. We also gave Wolf a bath -- he was filthy. Deb came out for the evening.

Saturday Mike, Gail, and the kids came up for a visit. We barbequed hamburgers. Alice and I also distributed the various presents we had collected on the trip.

Sunday we went back into Sacramento. Deb and I worked on setting up and making sure it worked the way we wanted. She served us supper.

Monday morning Alice and I cleaned up and headed back to Sacramento by way of Camping World. We stopped by Fry's to check on the status and were told it would be 6pm before it would be ready. We had lunch at Fresh Choice. From there we headed for Dr. Ward, our dentist. Alice received some flack but they didn't bother with me. Then we went by Schwab to merge our two accounts into one and headed for Fry's. When we asked about Alice's computer, they brought out a new Toshiba 2805 laptop -- the old laptop could not be fixed.

Tuesday we went back into Sacramento to have lunch with Deb. Then Alice washed clothes at Deb's place. We went by El Torrito for supper and then headed home.

Wednesday I replaced the toilet seat. We went back into Yuba City for fuel and a last dose of groceries. Deb came out for supper and we started packing up for the next day's trip.

Log Date: +1175: 010621: 39N12.64': 120W346.75': 3922': Baxter RV Campground, Baxter, CA

Thursday morning before we left I went back over to the phone station and logged on. This time I was able to sign up for the Starband 360 unit.

About 10:30 we finally we left Lake Minden and headed 69 miles back up the mountain. We drove over to Lincoln, and the road was a rough as we remembered. This time we took 193 over to the Sierra College Road and followed that to I-80. The drive up I-80 from 350 feet to 4,000 feet was fairly easy since I was taking it easy. It was about 20 degrees cooler in Baxter than down in the valley.

Gil and Alice were already here. We selected a pull-through slot and set up. Later in the afternoon I finally got around to fixing the sewer hoses.

Alice had a headache, the first one in some time. Not sure what caused it.

Friday people started arriving, including Gene and Carol. That evening we went to Dutch Flat to the Monte Valley Inn for supper. The food was very good.

Saturday Gene set up the big antenna. Alice and I drove to the rest stop to check voice mail. Deb arrived. We took pictures of flowers along the road then had supper with the group.

Log Date: +1178: 010624: 36N18.98': 119W38.14': 228': King's Fair, Hanford, CA

Sunday morning we prepared for the 267 mile trip to Hanford. I demonstrated the mapping software and then we headed out. It was a good trip. At least the temperature has dropped. We had supper at Applebee's.

Monday morning we avoided breakfast and went to Dr. Gavini's office. He had told the staff I wasn't due there until Friday, but they put me in anyway.

While in the office I read a recent article in Time Magazine. It appears they finally have pretty definite indications about the end of the Universe. There will be no Big Crunch, but after trillions of trillions of trillions (etc.) of years, it will all just become a whimper. Space is flat and Einstein was corrent when he put in the cosmological constant, even though he threw it out at first opportunity when Hubble said the Universe was expanding.

Dr. Gavini checked me over and commented we were in surveillance mode. At this point things look okayh. I need blood tests and to come back within a year.

The outpatient clinic was packed so I skipped the blood work until we get to Jojoba Hills. We went for breakfast (finally) and then shopped for groceries.

Log Date: +1179: 010625: 34N26.73': 118W12.66': 2569': Soledad TTN Resort, Acton, CA

After seeing Dr. Gavini we returned to the trailer and packed for travel. We added chlorine to the fresh water tank to clear the algae/whatever.

We left shortly after noon. It was out 198 to US-99 then down to 58 in Bakersfield and across the Tehachapies and around to Acton to reach the Soledad TTN Resort. We did 196 miles total. This time we ran with TopoUSA 3.0 in the computer and working with the GPS. It is different from Streets but still does a good job. It was especially fun when we got into the mountains and could look at neighboring valleys, etc.

The temperature was only 81 degrees when we arrived and there was a nice breeze.

When we plugged into power we got the alarm from the surge protector. It was probably the fellow next door, but we didn't want to hassle with it, so we disconnected and ran on batteries for the night. We dumped the fresh water tank and reloaded with clean water.

Log Date: +1180: 010626: 33N27.10': 116W52.06': 2190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

I had not unhooked the trailer from the truck the day before, so getting ready to leave was quicker than normal. Still, it took us until after 10am to get going.

The 155 mile drive from Soledad TTN to Jojoba Hills was fairly smooth. It was the middle of the day so the traffic was not unbearable. The weather was partly cloudy and relatively cool, getting into the mid-80s throuigh Riverside.

I noticed the foilage was greener than I expected as we drove out Hwy-79 from Temecula. It will be drier later in the year.

It was good to be back at our base camp.Several friends stopped by and gave us hugs of welcome. We unhooked and got mostly set up. Then we headed down to the Club House for a peaceful swim and relaxation.

We slowly started to get back into the grind. On Wednesday we went to Aquasize. It felt good. Thursday morning was a Board meeting and I took on the responsibility of helping on the brochure and leading a road cleanup crew next Monday morning. Then we went to town to rebalance our groceries. A number of to-dos still remained on the list, some for June but most for July.

On Thursday we had a Board meeting. On Saturday there was a jam session and I showed off my new slide guitar.

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