Travel Log for May, 2001

Updated May 31, 2001

Log Date: +1124: 010501: 32N18.88': 90W53.77': Isle of Capri RV Park, Vicksburg, MS

We had one more day in Vicksburg. It was time to tour the battlefield. We went by the Isle of Capri to have the lunch buffet and then drove through town to the National Battlefield Entry Gate. We had purchased a cassette tape at our previous visit and we started the tour with the tape in the player.

The tour was impressive. The battle lasted many weeks. It was a seige campaign with the artillery only a few hundred yards apart.

We also visited the remains of an iron sides ship they raised from the river.

Log Date: +1125: 010502: 35N02.89': 90W01.71': Graceland KOA, Memphis, TN

We got out of bed pretty early for us and prepared for the trip north. It was scheduled to be about 215 miles. I again used the macerator to dump. The intake for the sewer was raised almost a foot off the ground, and rather than hassle with the big hose and try to get IT to flow uphill, I pulled out the little pump that could and pumped it up hill. It was only eight feet away but it was still a bit easier.

There was nothing else special about rigging to travel and we pulled out at 9:20. We caught I-20 just four blocks south and followed it out to the US-61 exit. Then we headed north. US-61 continued to be a good road all the way into Memphis. There were some stretches where they were working on making it a four lane road, but the construction did not interfer with the flow of traffic.

Most of the towns were away from the highway, so the slowest we had to go through a town was 45mph. As a result, there were few places to stop and eat so we drove on into Memphis before having lunch. We found our way to the Graceland KOA and checked in for a week. The pull-through was graveled and level, and we had a nice grass front lawn that Wolf appreciated. Then it was time to set up, have lunch, and look over the brochures to plan our visit to Memphis.

Marlowe's for BBQ supper

5/3 Thursday -- toured downtown, lunch in deli

Friday -- drove into Memphis to get mail then through downtown. Lunch at Landry's then to President's Island.

5/5 Saturday -- drove to Marked Tree, then siphons, then Lepanto, then Osceola (tracks not on levee)

Sunday -- rested at home

5/7 Monday -- to WalMart. No luck on steel guitars.

5/8 Tuesday -- to Mud Island for pics. Toured town to establish where the split is. Then to Marlowe's for supper

Wednesday -- shopped for groceries.

5/10 Thursday -- visited pyramid and visitor center

5/11 Friday -- breakfast with Trent Fleming. Visited CERI. Then shopped at Sessells for groceries and lunch, drove up to see Meeman-Shelby. It is now open

Log Date: +1135: 010512: 35N20.75': 90W02.69': Dogwood Ridge Campground, Meeman-Shelby Forrest, TN

Left Graceland KOA and caught 240 north to 40 then onto 51. Turned off at 388 and went on to Meeman-Shelby. Checked in for 3 nights at 14.50. Saved $5 because they screwed up reservations.

Found a place with possible TV reception. no luck first night.

Got TV working next day then we drove up to Ft. Pillow. The river has moved and it will be hard for bluffs to reach the river. Also so covered with trees you can't see trails. Drove down to Fulton and walked to end of road. River right there.

Monday drove into Millington to WalMart for lub. Did our shopping for the year. -- bought 2 pair shoes and shorts.

Log Date: +1138: 010515: 36N21.28': 89W23.86': Reelfoot Lake State Park Campground, TN

Left Meeman-Shelby, dumped on way out and broke the sewer hose. 100 miles to Reelfoot. Good road into Dyersville then up twolane. Had to call to find RV park, just had not gone far enough around lake.

Wednesday we drove up to Bessie. It doesn't exist. But the levees do. Took pictures.

Thursday we drove down to I-155 bridge. It is not constructed as planned. Went to Caruthersville levee park for lunch. Then to Dell looking for Tina's apartment. Then through Blytheville to Barfield which doesn't exist. Big steel fab plants instead. Up to Cooter then mapped out river route for Alex. Finally back to Reelfoot.

Friday into Tiptonville, picked up mail. Then took lake boat trip.

Log Date: +1142: 010519: 37N00.84': 88W17.00': Kentucky Dam State Park Campground, KY

Rigged up at Reelfoot. Across 21 to 51. Winding drive then four-lane. Raining by the time we got near dam. found nice place and set up. Drove into Paducah for shopping and BBQ at Country Castle.

Sunday Alice washed clothes. wrote

Monday went to see locks and dam. Took many pictures. Drove down into LBL -- no commerce. Came back to Grand River for lunch. Good.

Thursday hung around camp

Log Date: +1146: 010523: 38N37.53': 90W10.09': Casino Queen RV Park, East St Louis, IL

Wednesday, getting ready to travel and driving. All on freeway, one brief rainstorm. trouble finding way to RV park. called from St Louis no real help. Finally just got off and followed signs. very nice park.

That night went to boat for buffet (2 for 1). Good deal. Mike sending computer for Saturday delivery.

Thursday it was stormy. Mostly stayed in trailer and worked on book.

Friday, went to breakfast then got groceries. Too cloudy to go on trip. More writing. Also worked with Deb to establish new domain name.

Saturday, bright sun, windy and cool. went to Union Station

Sunday, watched the race

Monday, Carbondale and Cape Girardeaux

Tuesday visited the Arch

Wednesday, the weather looked bad so we stayed an extra day in St. Louis

Log Date: +1154: 010531: 35N34.20': 97W15.56': Choctaw KOA, Oklahoma City, OK

Thursday we packed up early and headed to Oklahoma

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