Travel Log for November, 2001

Updated July, 2001

Log Date: +1308: 011101: 33N27.10': 116W52.06': 2,190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

November continued to be more of the same with Board meetings, budget workshops, reserve studies, etc. Being a Board member was taking an awful lot of my time and energy.

Alice and I decided to upgrade our TV package and purchased the new DISH PVR receiver. This would allow us to record up to 30 hours of video in the receiver. It arrived on the 4th and I installed it. Things went pretty well.

Dr. Ebersole suggested I should have a barium enima to be sure my colon was okay. That took place on the 8th. When I met with him on the 13th he said everything looked okay.

We met with the Garretts to arrange for taking over lot #815 and reached a deal. We would move from #608 to #815 when they left.

Deb arrived on the 17th, just in time to go out with the Lewins and us to watch the meteor shower. It was pretty spectacular, but the clouds came in and obscured much of the good viewing. It was also somewhat cold.

Log Date: +1325: 011118: 33N27.15': 116W52.09': 2,190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

On the 18th we moved our big Automate to the new lot. Note the change in coordinates. With Deb to help it all went pretty smoothly. We also moved Little Al up to an empty site and Michael, Gail, and their kids arrived for the Thanksgiving holiday.

On the 20th we celebrated Alice's birthday. She just keeps getting older.

With the family gathered we had a great Thanksgiving dinner in the Clubhouse. Michael cooked the turkey on the BBQ, and Gail made sweet potatoes. Deb did the gravy. Barb Karlosky was one of our guests, and Janet and Michael drove over for the festivities. It was great to have our immediate family and extended family all together.

On the 23rd we all drove over to Janet's in Palm Desert and an Imax movie. Then after the kids all left I bought Alice a small freezer for the shed for her birthday.

The next week was working on office matters and getting the computing system going in the trailer.

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