Travel Log for October, 2001

Updated September 2002

Log Date: +1247: 011001: 33N27.10': 116W52.06': 2,190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

On the 2nd we got a call from our friends the Lewins that lot #815 across the street from them was becoming available, the Garretts had decided to leave. We went to the office and signed up on the Wish List so we could negotiate with them for the improvements they had made.

On Friday the 5th the park had its fall yardsale. There were several items we just had to buy. But then we had some room because we contributed several items for the sale.

The purchasing computer in the office finally gave up the ghost, so I went to town to get a quote for a new one. I prepared this for the Board and presented it at the next meeting. There was concern expressed about whether we should do this or not, and as a result the quote fell through. A couple of weeks later the Board finally said to go ahead and get the PC. But by this time all the computers had Windows XP on them. When I brought that back to the park and tried to install it on our network, we found it could not be done.

Suddenly our telephone maintenance contract became a problem. The company we had been dealing with simply closed its doors and their business was taken over by CTI-Intec. After discussions with the folks at CTI we got things worked out. It also became apparent that we needed a major upgrade to our switch -- we were 3 versions behind on software and needed a hardware upgrade to be compatible. Richard Schweig said he would make a proposal.

On the 12th I attended a water conference in Palm Springs at the suggestion of Al Porges, the manager. It was a good conference and I came away with a better appreciation of what we are facing in the future with respect to permitting and water control.

On the 13th we had a workshop with the budget and bylaws committees. That evening we had our Oktober Fest celebration.

On the 15th we had a meeting with Rob Petrisin of SRC to kick off the Reserve Study effort. It was agreed I would be working with him on the computer side of things. The chipsealing of the roads also started, so it was a busy time around the resort.

Log Date: +1292: 011016: 33N40.54': 117W22.28': 1,268': Lakeshore Resort(?), Lake Elsinore, CA

We finally got away for a couple of days and drove 40 miles to the Chapter 13 outing at Lake Elsinore in our little Alpenlite. Not only did we join in for the dinners and other meetings, but I got the chance to practice on the slide guitar and work on some of the minutes for previous Board meetings and office procedures. We also ran down the road to the local Wal-Mart and had the truck lubbed.

Log Date: +1295: 011019: 36N7.63': 115W4.86': 1,790': Las Vegas TTN, Las Vegas, NV

On general principles and as a good excuse, we decided to drive over to Las Vegas to get out of the state. We continued on up I-15 from Lake Elsinore so the trip was only 273 miles. The highlight of the trip was going to the Mask Restaurant at the Rio for a full sashimi dinner. It was excellent. We also made it by Camping World for something. Mostly it was a chance to just lay back and relax.

Log Date: +1298: 011022: 33N27.10': 116W52.06': 2,190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

It was a long 313 mile drive back to Jojoba Hills, but the trip was uneventful. I wasn't sure I was happy to be back.

Dick Underdale had determined that there were no XP drivers for the new PC for our version of the networking software. We also found that there was no way we could remove XP from the machine and replace it with Windows 98.

We completed the negotiations with CTI-Intec and agreed to the contract just in time to forego a lapse in maintenance. The issue of whether the manager and other staff would be involved with the AED came to a head and the Board agreed the manager and assistant manager should not be involved. There spouses could be called upon for the duty roster.

I finally located a PC that had been returned and contained Windows ME and traded for it. We were able to replace ME with 98 and so make it compatible with the other PCs in the office. I also bought my own eMachine PC since it was at a really good price, under $400.

I had begun to feel some funny pains and dizzy periods and so on the 29th I called Dr. Ebersole to arrange for an EKG and referral to a cardiologist. In the HMO mode that is the way it is done.

On the 31st Jojoba Hills had its Halloween party. I actually won a prize for my costume because nobody could figure out who I was.

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