Travel Log for September, 2001

Updated September, 2002

Log Date: +1247: 010901: 33N27.10': 116W52.06': 2190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

September continued with more of the same: jam sessions on Saturday, occasional barbeques, and the well.

They started redrilling the Oak Grove well on the 4th. We had all the supplies there and things went fine. We planned to drill down to 300 feet and set the pump at 250 feet. It had been at 150 feet previously, but we felt the added depth gave us more protection for the future. It took four weeks to get everything installed and operational, but it finally all came together and we had a good well pumping at a rate of 145gpm compared to 100gpm from the previous well.

I was helping pump propane when someone came by and said there had been a plane crash into a building in New York and the building was burning. When we finished up I walked back to the rig just in time to see the second jet fly into the second tower. It was beginning to become clear that it was not an accident, a terrible tragedy had been done by a group of terrorists. The next few days were spotted with news and updates as we all wondered just what was happening.

But our lives continued, and problems kept popping up. Jackie Williams, our office manager, informed me she was moving to Sacramento to be with her husband. She recommended Bertha Reese who had been her assistant as her replacement.

We held a series of Board meetings and workshops to discuss the various aspects of running the park, including the roads, wells, and office manager. There were changes being made to the Architectural Code and upgrades in the office procedures. Barb was working on a plan for lot inspection and there were some problems with staff shouting at members in the office that needed attention. It was all keeping my life pretty busy.

On the 21st Alice and I drove into Los Angeles and picked up our daughter Deb. She had been doing some work for OSHPD in LA and had a long weekend she could spend with us. We had a pleasant visit and she helped us install Windows 2000 Professional on our computers. That Sunday we took her to Burbank so she could catch the plane back home.

On the 28th we had Jackie's going away party. A whole new round of problems was about to begin.

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