Travel Log for April, 2002

Updated September, 2002

Log Date: +1428: 020301: 33N27.15': 116W52.09': 2,190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

April was almost all concerned with Board business in one way or another. We worked over employee health insurance and held meetings about the wells and water system. The Internet Service Provider for the office was changed. There were minutes to publish and reports to write.

On the computer front Rob Petrisin came out and installed a beta version of his Reserves program and Ron Daves installed the Preventative Maintenance program.

Then Bertha submitted her resignation as office manager. Now it was necessary to find a new manager. We did an ad in Workamper News and in the local papers. Resumes started arriving and we started filtering out the applicants.

I completed the "rewrite" of Memphis 7.9 and sent a query letter the Dystel agency along with three chapters. I also gave a copy of the manuscript to Bill Redlin to review for a special look at the geology. Bill had been a geologist for the city of LA and though not a seismologist, he could give some indication of how far off I was on the scientific parts. As it turned out Bill's father had been a screen writer in Hollywood, so Bill was also able to comment on the literary structure of the book.

Bill was very encouraging, saying that the geology and seismology all held together from his point of view. He also suggested some changes in the plotting of the characters, including making Chris the central character. Everything seemed to be coming together with his thoughts and in my mind, so I started yet another rewrite of the book.

We visited Janet on the weekend of the 20th and I ran some of the book ideas by her. She said she would read the book if I gave her a copy.

Bob Peay started helping me on the Jojoba Hills website and agreed he would be a webmaster. We talked about some of the things that could be done with the site. Much of the work will have to wait until he comes by next fall.

I purchased a new set of tires for the truck, but we didn't do any traveling.

Then on the 27th we went to a bbq party at the Clays just up the street. Everyone was having a good time, the Jeannine started choking. Almost without thinking I came around the table and did the heimlich maneuver on her and she coughed up a piece of meat. The training for the AED team had paid off.

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