Travel Log for August, 2002

Updated September, 2002

Log Date: +1581: 020801: 33N27.15': 116W52.09': 2,190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

August began with two days of AED duty, so Alice and I remained within the Resort. I spent the time working on the member age database and projecting how the age distribution could be expected to change in the coming years. There is a definite "builder boom" who are now in their 70s that will skew the distribution in the next five to ten years to older members. The distribution of the waiting list indicates a much younger group joining in the next few years. I sent email to the Board and Management Review Committee with the results and my interpretation that this will result in a drop-off of able-bodied volunteers over the next five years, with a necessary increase in staff support. More study is needed.

I worked on the renter extension policy on Friday and met with Fred of AGS on next year's brochure. We lost half our advertisers, primarily because the businesses do now know who we are, but the suggested vendors David Ewing had prepared helped find some more. I approved the vendor list and AGS will be sending the proofs back the middle of September.

The Langholffs joined us for margaritas Friday evening and we had a good discussion on wells and ponds. On Saturday I went down for the jam session.

Sunday I installed the Mavica Floppy Disc adapter on Alice's laptop and proved it worked. This allows me to dump photos to her laptop then move them to mine via memory card. I also installed the USB/GPS interface on Alice. It speeds up satellite acquisition considerably and there are fewer cords to handle.

On Sunday we had another Supper in the Shade at the patio with excellent attendance. Back at home I spent the evening writing portions of Broken River.

We drove to Temecula Monday to attach another Holtor Monitor to my torso. This time the nurse gave me clear instructions that I should not develop a sweat, else the contacts would fall off again.

While in town we visited Barnes and Noble where I purchased two new books: one entitled "Be Your Own Literary Agent" by Martin Levin and the other "Elements of Screen Writing" by someone(?). After reading through the first I found myself almost hoping Brenda would send a rejection notice on "Memphis 7.9." There was a good bit of material that will be helpful whichever way things go.

I began thinking about the sequels for Memphis 7.9 and realized there was a whole sequence of books that could be written. It started me thinking about how I could handle everything, that turned into work on a marketing plan, and suddenly I began to design another website.

One of the issues we had been facing was if the wives of the manager and assistant should be asked to do AED duty. Upon checking with our HR resources we concluded that we could be liable for paying a salary, even if they volunteered. So it was decided to take them off the duty roster.

The air conditioner in our trailer suddenly stopped working. I could determine no reason, but since we were going into town we purchased a portable swamp cooler. Then the air conditioner started working again.

On the 12th I had a meeting with Dr. Wood to discuss the results of the Holtor monitor tests. He informed me that there were several different episodes of heart arrythmia, including a brief stint of tachycardia. He suggested an angiogram to check what was going on, but he did agree it could be delayed a couple of months. I made an apppointment to see him mid-October.

The call accounting computer finally died, this time because the power supply fan quit. I tried to find a new power supply in Temecula and finally determined it was no longer available. Dick Underdale and I salvaged an old fan out of one of the old junker PCs and got it back into operation.

I ordered prescriptions at AARP Pharmacy. Even with the prescription benefit from the medicare supplement, I was still looking at over $3,500 per year for meds. It was depressing.

The day for taking off on our "vacation" was rapidly approaching and I was scurrying around. I completed Deanne's 90 day review and got all the new membership agreements together and made arrangements for the certificates to be printed. I updated the policy and procedure files for Deanne. I passed off all my responsibility for the time I would be gone and prayed it would all work out.

In the midst of all this activity Alice and I finally got Little Al packed and ready for the trip north.

Log Date: +1603: 020823: 33N26.73': 118W12.73': 2.534': Soledad TTN, Acton, CA

It was the same old 145 mile drive up I-15 to Hwy-138 to I-14 and down Soledad Canyon road to the TTN park. Things went well until we got there and found we had forgotten to pack the pillows. So we drove into Palmdale to purchase a couple. By the end of the trip we were ready to throw them away.

We spent two nights at Soledad to sort of calm down and get things in order. I did some work on Memphis 7.8 to format it into book style.

Log Date: +1605: 020825: 35N19.06': 119W38.16': 259': Fairgrounds, Hanford, CA

Sunday morning we hooked up and pulled out for Hanford. I headed north on I-14 and picked up Hwy-138 north of Lancaster. It was pretty much straight and level over to I-5 at Gorman. We stopped for lunch at Denny's at the bottom of the Grapevine grade, then it was on to Hanford fairgrounds, a total of 198 miles. We didn't have the same amount of climbing that we had always had when we took the Hwy-58 route.

We visited with sister Rosemary and her husband Everett and stayed a couple of nights. I had the opportunity to do more work on the book and some updates to the website. I also left a copy of the manuscript with Rosemary for her review.

Log Date: +1607: 020827: 37N3.44': 121W40.09': 368': Morgan Hill TTN, Morgan Hill, CA

Tuesday morning we had a quick breakfast with Rosemary and then head west on Hwy-198 to I-5 on our way to Morgan Hill TTN park. I stopped off in Los Banos to visit the Automate factory to collect a set of current prints on their offerings. It seemed they were not very busy.

Next it was west on Hwy-152 over Pacheco pass to US-101. We drove north to Morgan Hills then took Watsonville Road west to Uvas Road and the entrance to the Thousand Trails Park. We found a good spot in the F section and settled in. The total trip was 168 miles.

I had trouble setting up the satellite TV, but after a while it started working. Then I read about screen plays and did some work on the book and website.

On Friday morning we drove up to Jessie Herr's home to visit. Things have been going poorly in Silicon Valley and she had been laid off, but she was making progress finding contract work. Walter Hutchinson came down and we had supper with Jessie and him. Old friends just seem to get older.

Saturday morning Gene Lavielle and Carol drove down to talk with us about full timing. Gene has gotten notice that he will be laid off later in the fall from HP and they are making plans for selling their house and hitting the road. Alice and I gave them the best advice we could, but of course we are biased. We like this life style and think they will as well. Hopefully we can coordinate our travels with them next year and see each other on the road.

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