Travel Log for December, 2002

Updated February, 2003

Log Date: +1703: 021201: 33N27.13': 116W52.12': 2,191': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

It seemed like every day had something to do with Jojoba Hills. Alice handled the payroll on the 2nd, and there was a budget workshop and a member forum on Thursday and Friday. But on the 3rd Alice and I did take the bus over to Palm Springs for the Palm Springs Follies. It was a good time but somewhat of a strain to try to see with only one good eye.

On Tuesday the 10th I went back in for cataract surgery on my right eye. It was a little more painful and fretful, but things seemed to go well. However, the next day it was like looking through wax paper and I developed a severe headache. I called Dr. Phillips's office and they said to come in for a check. The doctor found that the eye pressure was quite high and prescribed drops to control the pressure. It did some good by later in the week the pressure went up again. I could now tell by my vision and head when it was happening. This time when I went back the doctor took me off of prednesone and put me on a different medication, more expensive by with less reaction on my part. I remember my mother had a bad reaction to the prednesone, so it seems to run in the family.

After clearing up the pressure problem I was delighted with what I could see. There were trees on top of the mountains across the valley, and at the jam session I could read the music from six feet away. It was awesome.

Alice was going through dental surgery during this same period, and we spent a few hours in town for that purpose. At least they determined she did not have a cracked tooth, just some deep-seated gum problems. After the intensive cleaning we are now thinking of going to Mexico for dental work like so many of our neighbors are now doing.

During the third week in December I was quite busy getting the next mailing together to go out to the membership. This one included the proxy statement and candidate announcements. We also had another member forum where some more concerns were expressed about the potential assessments and the proposed changes in management structure.

We joined Sally and Dave Williamson's table for Christmas dinner on the 25th and had a good time. It was a relief not having to be responsible for the entree this time.

After Christmas serious rehearsals started for the New Year's Eve party. I had been volunteered to join the guys doing the "belly" dance. I started having some chest pains and was replaced, probably for the best.

Then on New Year's Eve we got everything together and headed down to the Clubhouse for party, a cruise throughout the world. The entertainment started about 9pm and continued to midnight. There was lots of dancing and great skits. Sally put together a spectacular show for the assembled members. It was a great way to end the year, and there were only 36 days left to the Annual Meeting.

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