Travel Log for February, 2002

Updated September, 2002

Log Date: +1399: 020131: 33N24.88': 111W37.05': 1,529': Western Acres Mobile Home Park, Mesa, AZ

When we awoke the next morning and walked Wolf around the park, I was even less happy with our location, but it was what we had for the next few days. There were several examples of what old trailers can come to look like.

We contacted Chuck by cellphone and received directions on how to get to their place at the Vista View RV Resort, to the west of us on University. However, the park does not allow dogs, so Wolf would have to stay in Little Al.

Vista View was a very nice and clean resort with a golf course in the middle. There were a number of park model trailers in the park, but many of the residents had fifth-wheels or motorhomes. Chuck said they were paying about $550 per month plus electricity for the six months they were there.

We all went to Serrano's Restaurant and had a pleasant Mexican lunch. Chuck then drove us around Mesa to see that various places in the town. It is laid out in a long strip several miles long with Hwy-60 running its length. That evening we went to the Ruby Tuesday Restaurant for dinner.

The next day we again visited with Chuck and Dorothy and went to the Seafood Market Restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. We were beginning to get full. Afterwards Alice and I did some shopping and rested before going over to visit more in the evening. We finally said our goodbyes and headed back to get to bed so we could pull out early the next morning.

Log Date: +1402: 020203: 33N27.15': 116W52.09': 2,190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

Chuck had given me a suggestion on how to avoid Hwy-60. I headed north and caught I-101 around the center of town and finally reached I-10. Then it was a matter of retracing our steps back to Jojoba Hills. It was another long drive of 341 miles along the Interstate.

We had decided we should register the trailers and truck in California since we were spending so much time in the state. We took Little Al in the next day and found the DMV office to be closed. The sign said the closed one Monday each month so they could stay open one Saturday each month. We just hit the wrong Monday.

Back at Jojoba Hills I completed my preparations for the Annual Meeting. I went over the arrangements for the proxy votes with Marsha and got ready for taking the minutes.

On Wednesday the 6th I went to town for my eye appointment. Dr. Jury informed me that my cataracts were getting so bad he felt he felt this would be the last prescription for glasses that he could give to me. At least that explained why I was having more and more trouble seeing.

Thursday morning we had the Annual Meeting. It went reasonable well and six new members were elected to the Board. At the Executive Meeting that followed I was elected President of the Board. The load just increased.

Saturday night was the Annual Dinner. We also did a skit of The Price is Right. I played the part of Rob Rowdy. It was lots of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it. On Sunday I had a pizza get-together for the Board so everyone could get to know each other. I had prepared books for each of the Board members with primary information for them and this was useful for everyone.

The next week I was busy handling Board problems including some personnel problems that were getting serious. Then on Wednesday Alice and I went on a bus trip into Los Angeles to see The Lion King stage show. It was fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We had a Board meeting the next day and did some Executive meeting stuff. I pulled Little Al up to our lot to get ready to go to San Diego.

Log Date: +1414: 020215: 32N47.77': 117W13.54': 19': Campland by the Bay, San Diego, CA

The next morning the Board had a talk with one of our office clerks about a personnel problem. Then Alice and I took off for San Diego and the writer's conference. The trip down I-15 to Hwy-52 was pretty through the granite hills surrounding Fallbrook and Escondido. I noticed a Fry's along the way, but didn't stop to buy anything. We cut over to I-5 on Hwy-52 then headed south to take the Garnet Avenue exit. I missed the turn on Grand and had to go down and make a U-turn and come back. After searching around we finally found the road to Campland by the Bay.

The purpose of this trip was for me to attend the Southern California Writer's Conference at the Hyatt near Old Town in San Diego. This was my first writer's conferences so I was not sure what to expect. It turned out to be a very educational and encouraging conference. See my notes for details.

While staying in San Diego Alice and I had a chance to sample the wares of a couple of good restaurants in Old Town. It is a good place to visit.

Log Date: +1417: 020218: 33N27.15': 116W52.09': 2,190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

We returned to Jojoba Hills on Monday and immediately found the park had a problem with a member wanting to bring in a park trailer with a peaked roof. The Board had to figure out it that was within the guidelines.

We also had to prepare to go with a group on a bus to Laughlin, NV for two nights at the Colorado Belle. Bud and Marge Lewin agreed to take care of Wolf. We left Tuesday morning and returned Thursday evening. It was a fun trip but a bit smokey. Neither of us won anything worthwhile.

Once back in the park I was busy with office liaison matters and Board issues. I did pick up my new glasses -- they helped some but my vision was still not very good. We took Little Al in to the DMV and got non-resident license plates and the next day we had a Board meeting and later took the big Automate in for its inspection and license plates.

February had been a busy month.

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