Travel Log for January, 2002

Updated February, 2003

Log Date: +1369: 020101: 33N27.15': 116W52.09': 2,190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

For Alice and me the year 2002 began at the Jojoba Hills New Years party in the Clubhouse. We had a great time and visited with many friends, but called it quits shortly after midnight.

Board business started immediately with a bylaws workshop and Board workshops scheduled on the 2nd and 3rd. I visited Dr. Ebersole on Friday to get the results of some of my medical tests. He is working on a referral to a cardiologist.

We made reservations for the visit of son David (aka JC) and Krista and brought Little Al up from storage so they would have a place to stay. JC is moving from McChord AFB in Tacoma, WA to Wright Paterson AFB in Dayton, OH. He is not too happy about his new assignment as head of engineering in procurement, but in a few years he will complete his 20 years of service and can retire. They only stayed a couple of days then headed off.

On the 10th I finally got the first three chapters of Memphis put together and mailed off to the writer's conference. I paid $50 for a review by a professional writer.

The next couple of weeks were devoted to various Board activities including meetings and preparing documents. I did find time to enroll in the AARP medicare supplement, Plan I. It has some prescription benefits and should help a little bit. I also watched some of the Price is Right show since I was supposed to play the part of Rob Rowdy in the skit at the Annual Dinner.

On the 25th I had a treadmill test in Dr. Wood's office, after which the nurse informed me that they saw some abnormalities that they were concerned with. I was to stop exercise and they would schedule a further test as soon as possible. But they needed another referral from Dr. Ebersole to comply with insurance requirements. When I called Dr. Ebersole's office on Monday I was informed that Beaver Medical was discontinuing their relationship with Aetna and he could not write the referral. I would have to re-establish a relationship with a new primary care physician before I could get the required test.

I was livid, but there was nothing I could do. By the time I found a doctor and got the needed checkups to get the referral, I would be starting on medicare and out from under Aetna. I decided I could only wait until I got on medicare and then do it my way. At that point I hoped I would live that long.

Log Date: +1399: 020131: 33N24.88': 111W37.05': 1,529': Western Acres Mobile Home Park, Mesa, AZ

On Wednesday I pulled Little Al up from storage so we could pack and on Thursday we headed for Mesa, AZ to spend our wedding anniversary with Alice's brother Chuck and his wife. It was a long drive of 339 miles. We headed over the mountain on Hwy-74 then caught I-10 all the way into Phoenix. When we took the exit onto Hwy-60 east to Mesa we found ourselves in the midst of a gigantic construction zone. It took an awfully long time to finally find our camping site.

Alice had made reservations at one of the few trailer parks who would accept pets, and it turned out to be pretty crappy. We finally got backed in and locked up. All in all it had not been a very good month.

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