Travel Log for June, 2002

Updated September, 2002

Log Date: +1489: 020501: 33N27.15': 116W52.09': 2,190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

June began with problems of an elderly guest with a sick wife who was trying to hide from his sons. We finally got the family together and the problem resolved itself, but it added to the tensions of the time. Deanne had started working and learning about the operations of the office from Bertha and she was a big help during this period.

I decided to upgrade some of my mapping software and hardware. I order the DeLorme Topo 4.0 so I would have the entire USA topo maps on a single (DVD) CD. At the same time I purchased the USB interface for my GPS receiver.

John Langholff was getting into measuring the rate of water usage in the ponds. We found a tub he could use to measure evaporation and subsequently found that seepage accounted for about 75% of the loss while evaporation was 25%, at least in the upper pond.

Alice and I rearranged the couch and chairs in the Automate. I took over the small slide area with a single reclining chair and we put the couch on the other side and Alice took over the fold down desk. It seems to work out very well for both of us.

I had been doing quite a bit of work on the rewrite of Memphis. It was getting close to the time when it would be ready for another round of queries. I used the latest Writer's Digest to rank the various literary agents who were listed, trying to choose who to send my next query to.

On Monday the 10th I went back into Dr. Wood's office for an echocardiogram.

Friday was Bertha's last day. We had a small party and said our goodbyes. Then over the weekend Alice and I were responsible for opening and closing the office.

Finally, I had my book in its "final" form again. I zipped up a copy and sent it by email to the kids. I was about ready to send out more queries.

On the 18th I reviewed progress on the new brochure and then went in to see Dr. Wood. He said the results of all the tests were that there was some decreased heart function and that I would need an angiogram for him to really see what going on. In particular he was worried that the arteriosclorosis was still active and my vessels were clogging up. He scheduled me for a Holtor monitor test to do a final check. He also gave me a perscription for Plavix, a blood thinning agent to use in addition to the aspirin.

I selected four agents who would accept email queries and sent out three queries by email.

With the book out of the way for the time being I turned to some of the honey-dos around the rig. We went to town and finally found the string for the window blinds at JoAnns Fabrics. Next I had to figure out how to restring the blinds. I also spent some time getting the DayTrader program I had written to work. It was a set of Excel macros written in Visual Basic. It had been a long time since I had done any programming and it was fun.

I reviewed the plans for upgrading the booster pumps with Lonnie Jordan. It looks like a good plan and will greatly reduce our risk of being without water because of pump failure. It will also ease the load on the booster pumps so they are less likely to fail. Barb proposed changes to the signs around the pools and I approved them.

On the 26th I started having problems with my feet. The skin was cracking and they looked bruised. I decided there could be some problems with the Plavix I had started taking and on the Doctor's advice stopped taking it until I could see him.

During the last part of June I watched the bottom fall out of the market for Worldcom. I stuck in to the last, but when they said they would be declaring bankruptcy I sold out, at 7 cents a share. I have enough capital losses to last the next few years.

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