Travel Log for March, 2002

Updated September, 2002

Log Date: +1428: 020301: 33N27.15': 116W52.09': 2,190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

During March I used whatever spare moments I could find to work through Memphis 7.9 removing the passive voice and reducing its size. I made good progress and developed some methods for searching the Word files for passive verbs.

I worked on health insurance for the park employees and purchasing procedures. The issue of the peaked roof trailer took up several meetings and the vendor brought one over for the members to view. It really looked cheap.

I ordered Music Creator and a USB Midisport for my laptop. I finally was able to get some music into my machine. Now all I had to do was find the time to work on it.

Log Date: +1443: 020316: 34N5.4': 117W17.54': 1,004': Orange Show Fairgrounds, San Bernardino, CA

On the 16th we packed Little Al and headed off to the Escapade in San Bernardino. The Wymans had family problems and needed someone to fill in for them on Chapter/Coop Row, and it was Alice and me.

Getting there early gave me a chance to go to the Co-op meeting as the representative from Jojoba Hills. It was a very good meeting and pointed out to me the need that someone from the Board attend rather than sending a representative.

The Escapade was different this time because Alice and I were mostly tied to our trailer and we watched people go by, visiting with those who would stop. My birthday came and went without much hoopla.

Finally convinced the AARP supplement was in place, I called and made an appointment with Dr. Wood to get the next round of tests done. It turned out that the next available time was in May.

Log Date: +1449: 020322: 33N27.15': 116W52.09': 2,190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

Upon returning to Jojoba Hills it was a continuation of the same. There were meetings with various people and a few social functions. The issue of insurance was rearing its ugle head and I met with Linda Ray to get an idea of where it was going. I was told our insurance provider was going out of business but she had found someone who would take over, but the rates would climb.

Then on the 31st we had Easter Dinner in the clubhouse.

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