Travel Log for May, 2002

Updated September, 2002

Log Date: +1489: 020501: 33N27.15': 116W52.09': 2,190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

May began with lots of resumes coming in, then I got a call from the office that our telephone call accounting computer was not working. Upon checking I found that it had not been working for the entire month. All of the call accounting data was lost and we had no way of knowing who had made what calls for almost $3,000 worth of long distance charges. We finally worked out a plan to prorate everyone's bill from the month of April through the month of May. Never a dull moment.

On the 9th members of the Board interviewed Deanne Hoppe, the best candidate we had found for the office manager position. She lived locally and seemed to have all the talents we wanted. The concern was could we pay her enough to convince her to work for Jojoba Hills.

Finally on the 10th I went into Dr. Wood's office for the next test after the bad stress test I had had in February. They injected a compound in my arm that increased my heart rate without my having to walk really hard. They also imaged the heart afterwards to gain an understanding of what parts of the heart were not functioning quite properly. The comment was that I had failed that test as well and needed to have even more tests to understand why my heart was not performing quite up to snuff.

I handled various issues in the office and wrote letters on several matters to different members. It was getting old. I pulled Little Al up from storage to load it up for a quick trip to Arizona. I needed to get away for a while.

Log Date: +1502: 020514: 33N45.46': 116W42.30': 5,769': Idylwyld TTN, Idlywyld, CA

Tuesday morning I was busy finishing up all the little things that remained, then we headed out. I drove up Hwy-371 and turned left on Hwy-74 headed for Idylewiyd TTN park. It was a 44 mile drive and then another mile or so finding a spot we wanted in the TTN park. I was glad we were parking Little Al and not the bigger Automate. We did find a good spot not too far from the family center. I was even able to find a path through the pine trees for the satellite TV signal.

We spent two nights in Idylewyld. Alice had a pretty bad headache the first night but got better as time went on. We met a couple who taught us to play zilch and provided a set of dice for the game. We are supposed to pass the game along to others.

I also spent some time working on Memphis. It seems to be a matter of continuous rewrites and edits, but I think it is getting better.

Log Date: +1504: 020516: 33N45.81': 116W18.74': 126': Palm Springs TTN, Palm Desert, CA

Thursday morning we drove down Hwy-243 to I-10 at Banning. It is a very winding road with some major grades, but with the PacBrake it was an easy drive. Heading east on I-10 we made the 58 mile trip to the Palm Springs TTN park in about an hour and a half.

We took the opportunity to do some aquasize in the pool and then headed off to Palm Desert to meet my brother-in-law Michael for supper.

Log Date: +1505: 020517: 34N7.10': 112W56.57': 2,760': The Ranch SKP Park, Wickenburg, AZ

The next morning we headed out for our 219 mile drive to the Escapees Park just north of Wickenburg, AZ. I made it to Ehrenburg before needing fuel and bought diesel at the Beacon station up the hill. It had the best price. Past Quartzsite we turned left on US-60 towards Wickenburg. The drive took us through long flat valleys where irrigation was getting some crops out of the desert lands. There were several communities where obviously people had parked their trailers and retired. I did not think too highly of the region.

We continued on into Wickenburg and then turned left on US-93 and headed back northwest towards the SKP park. It is a little higher than then town on slopes with lots of mesquite. There are a number of nice homes built on the lots in the back, but guests park on a barren stretch of gravel near the front of the park.

We went to the clubhouse for social hour. There were two other couples there, also guests, and the managers. We had a nice discussion. There were also a couple of residents in the clubhouse working on a puzzle. They were invited to join in the social discussions but declined. Unfortunately, it did not give a good impression of the Ranch to either Alice or me.

I had problems with the toilet in Little Al and tried to work on the slide. In the process it broke off and we were left with an open hole to the black water tank. We had planned on staying more time but I decided I needed to get near a civilized area where we could get help.

Log Date: +1506: 020518: 34N40.32': 111W56.34': 3,187': Verdi Valley TTN Park, Cottonwood, AZ

Saturday morning we packed up and headed back down US-93 to Wickenburg. We had hoped to go through Prescott on our way to Verdi Valley, but the fire around Prescott was still blocking the highway. So it was a matter of heading south.

I took US-60 southeast out of town and turned east on Hwy-74 at Morristown. It was an easy drive over to I-17 where I turned north and headed up to the Verdi Valley where I turned left on Hwy-260. We turned in on Thousand Trails Road, signed in at the Verdi Vally TTN Park, and found a nice place in H Section. The trip was only 127 miles.

I set up the TV and got it to work then started searching for someone to help with the toilet. We finally located a repairman on Monday who came out to take a look. He said it was virtually impossible to repair the toilet we had, but he happened to have a new Thetford Bravura toilet in his truck. I said fine, put it in on the condition he take the old one with him. Soon we were back to normal and the place smelled a whole lot better.

Late Monday Bud and Margie Lewin (our neighbors across the street at Jojoba Hills) showed up. They were still traveling around in their new Alfa See-Ya motorhome. They had to remain out of California for 90 days to be legal and had an invitation from Thousand Trails of a couple of free nights if they would submit to the sales pitch. They parked near us and we had a chance to talk and catch up on gossip. Their sales pitch wasn't until later in the week, so they got to stay even longer.

On Tuesday they drove us over to Jerome and we walked the streets, toured the museums, and had hamburgers at one of the percipitous restaurants. It is quite the old mining town. My first boss grew up in Jerome and had told me about it. I remember Alice and I had driven through the town back in 1960, but it was dark and we had not realized what it was we were going through.

We took them to the Su Casa restuarant in Clarkdale the next day and had an inexpensive meal with the house margaritas. It was fun to go back there with friends.

Thursday they drove us over to Sedonna where they had an appointment to hear about a time-share. The salesman offered Alice and me a $100 merchandise card at Home Depot if we would do it as well, so we took the tour and listened in. After seeing a beautiful set of time-share apartments and amenities we all agreed we had to real use for them since we could move our RVs to any place we wanted and it would be a whole lot cheaper.

Afterwards we did some exploring of the Sedonna area. It has beautiful red cliffs all around it.

Friday morning Alice and I went to the family lodge for cinnamon rolls and to listen to a talk about MASA (Medical Air Services Association) who provides a worldwide ambulance insurance and service. We were impressed enough to sign up for a lifetime membership. The rolls were also great.

Bud and Margie moved over to the Clarkdale Elks lodge on Friday afternoon to camp over the weekend. We visited with them and had supper then said our goodbyes. We looked forward to the time when they would return to Jojoba Hills.

Log Date: +1513: 020525: 35N10.01': 114W34.38': 567': Riverside RV Park, Laughlin, NV

Saturday morning we hooked up and headed out to Laughlin. The 241 mile trip was relatively uneventful. We took Hwy-260 back to I-17, turned north to I-40 at Flagstaff, turned west to US-93 at Kingman, then down Hwy-68 to Laughlin.

The biggest surprise we had was when we reached the Colorado River. We had forgotten it was Memorial Day weekend, and the jet-skis were out in record numbers that afternoon. As we crossed the bridge there must have been fifty of them scooting around on the river on both sides. I was surprised there were not major accidents happening all the time.

We stayed at the Riverside RV Park and went down for supper and some gambling. We ended up going to the movies to see the latest Star Wars flick.

Log Date: +1514: 020526: 33N27.15': 116W52.09': 2,190': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

Sunday morning we hooked up and headed down Hwy-95 along the river to Needles where we caught I-40. The whole trip was 241 miles and it felt good to get home. However, when I went to dump Little Al the sewer hose broke and I had to construct a new one for the trailer.

On Tuesday the 28th I went to see Dr. Wood to hear about the results of my tests. There were still things that concerned him and he order further tests for me.

I went back to work on Board stuff and completed the month as I had begun it, busy.

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