Travel Log for November, 2002

Updated February, 2003

Log Date: +1673: 021101: 33N27.13': 116W52.12': 2,191': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

We finished up affairs at Jojoba and prepared for our trip north to pick up our new used Automate trailer. Alice was responsible for doing the payroll and there were a number of issues to discuss with several members in the park.

Log Date: +1674: 021102: 36N2.78': 119W40.05': Kings Road, Hanford, CA

We left the next morning in the truck, heading for my sister's home in Hanford. Without a trailer in tow the trip of 324 miles was smooth and fast. Upon reaching Hanford we visited, went out for supper, and spent the night at their home.

Log Date: +1675: 021103: 39N80': 121W53.5': Alameda Country Fair Grounds, Pleasanton, CA

We were up and headed out the next morning for Livermore to pick up the trailer. The drive of 178 miles was fast and uneventful.

With a little searching we found the home of the Ray and Harriet Cochran in Livermore. Their trailer was parked in front of their house. We did a walk-through and a final negotiation and paperwork. It was agreed we would get together the next morning to pay for the trailer and complete the transaction.

Ray gave us the keys to the trailer and we hooked up. We pulled it another 17 miles over to the Alameda Country Fair Grounds in Pleasenton and arranged to spend a couple of nights there at $25 per night. At least it was a space. For supper we returned to one of our old haunts in San Ramon, the Brass Door. It was the same, but this time it was not so good. Sometimes it is better to let the memories take over.

The next morning after breakfast we met Ray and went to Schwab and then Triple A to complete the deal. By noon we were owners of a 25-foot Automate fifth-wheel. We visited Stoneridge Mall for lunch and returned to the trailer to start checking things out. Gene and Carol Lavielle joined us later in the afternoon and we went to supper at the Black Angus in Pleasanton. It will be good to have them on the road with us this next year.

Log Date: +1677: 021105: 34N26.7': 118W12.6': Soledad TTN, Acton, CA

We hooked up the next morning and pulled out, heading south. We took I-5 so we could visit the Automate factory in Los Banos. Ray had pointed out a broken glide for the sliding door and I hoped to get a replacement part.

Upon arriving at Automate we talked with Dan Wilson about the status of the warranty for the trailer and were told that no warranty passed on to the next owner. So after a bit of negotiation we obtained the parts to repair the sliding door for $50 and headed out. Automate seems to be having more and more problems, and it is not so nice around there anymore.

We could have made it all the way to Jojoba Hills but decided to stop off at Soledad TTN rather than push it. The trip of 358 miles was enough for one day. We had come down I-5 and Alice suggested we take the local route through Santa Clarita. It was a long trip because of all the stop lights. We would have been better taking the freeway, even with the commute traffic.

We found our way to our usual camping spot in section B at Soledad and settled in. We went to Acton for supper at the steak house and had a fairly good evening.

Log Date: +1678: 021106: 33N27.13': 116W52.12': 2,191': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

The next morning we headed out for the 145 miles on to Jojoba Hills. We were worried about the smoke from the fires above Rancho Cucamongo but made it through that okay and enjoyed getting into the clearer air once we reached Temecula.

On Thursday we had another Board meeting and on Saturday night the Anniversary Dinner. Over the weekend I started collecting the parts for an in-house wireless network for our computers.

I met with Dr. Wood the next Monday and he pronounced that I was in as good health as I could be, considering the situation. My heart has lost about 25% of its function, but all the grafts are clear so there is no need to change the medication. Just lose weight and exercise.

Wednesday we got flu shots and I prepared for the 11/15 mailing of the budget and other materials.

On Thursday the Inland Eye Clinic did a scan of my eyes to measure for the upcoming cataract surgery.

On Friday Al Powers visited with the Board and the Management Review Committee to discuss our situation and how he might help. It was a good discussion of the kind of things we need to be concerned with.

The next few days were consumed by different activities for the park, then on 11/19 I went in for cataract surgery on my left eye. Things went well to begin with, but then the pressure rose in my eye and they had to do some adjustments. In time, things leveled out and I was amazed at the clarity with which I could see.

On Saturday, 11/23, Deb arrived from Sacramento. She was in time for the balloon ride and we all had a chance to go up. It was worth the $10 but not much more.

The next Tuesday, 11/26, Al and Elaine Porges resigned from their positions. It kept things busy while I prepared for the family to join us for Thanksgiving. We moved the new trailer up to a site for Mike and Gail and family, and on 11/28 we all joined in the Thanksgiving festivities in Friendship Hall.

On Saturday the kids all left and I joined in the jam session in Friendship Hall with the rest of those left around. It was a good way to end the month.

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