Travel Log for October, 2002

Updated October, 2002

Log Date: +1642: 021001: 33N27.13': 116W52.12': 2,191': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

We began October at Jojoba Hills. Alice and I both worked away in the office while the garage sale was being set up around the ranchhouse.

Wednesday we had more meetings at the ranchhouse then went into town to get my medications. We had lunch at Oscars. On the way back in we hooked up Little Al and pulled it out of storage. We were both too tired to do much packing that evening.

Thursday was the Board meeting at 9am followed by an Executive meeting. We accomplished a lot, finishing at about 1pm.

Log Date: +1645: 021004: 34N13.5': 119W10.7': 84': Evergreen Trailer Park, Oxnard, CA

Friday morning we finished our packing and finally left for Oxnard about 11am. This time I drove up I-15 to I-10 then across to I-210. From there we headed over to I-5, taking the "long" way around the center of Los Angeles. Heading north on I-5 I turned west on Hwy-126. Before entering Oxnard, I turned left on Hwy-118 (Wells Road) to cross the river and the right on Hwy-232. Four miles further and we crossed the Ventura Freeway and continued to turn left on Hwy-1, also known as North Oxnard Boulevard at that point. The Evergreen Trailer Park was an immediate entry on the right and I missed it the first time. We had to turn around and do a U-turn to finally make it in. Other than that the 187 mile trip was smooth and uneventful.

The Evergreen Trailer Park is in the center of town. It was quite reasonable for our visit. We also got to listen to several trains during the nights.

We drove over to the Radisson to check out the Fall Southern California Writers Conference, Oxnard. The sessions turned out to be quite good and I prepared a set of notes for my writing log at the link above. The meetings had started earlier Friday afternoon, but I did not feel like visiting any of them. We ate a late lunch at the bar.

Saturday morning I drove over to the Radisson for the orientation meeting followed by sessions. ,bAlice came over for lunch and we had a good meal in the hotel restaurant. We were lucky and got out in time; there were others who did not. I went back for the evening banquet. Alice ate at Coco's just next door.

Sunday morning I again drove to the Radisson for the sessions. Alice came by for lunch and we went to Baker's Square where we had omlettes. Alice walked back to the trailer and I went to the conference. I returned home about 3:15pm because the had changed the schedule.

Log Date: +1648: 021007: 34N36.57': 120W11.55': 351': Flying Flags, Buellton, CA

Monday morning we headed the 79 miles up Highway 101 to Buellton for the Automate RV rally. It was a simple drive with no grades until the last six miles when we climbed up to 900 feet before coming back down to the Santa Ynez River and Buellton. We had arrived a little early so we had to wait until they finished watering the site we were assigned. Wolf loved running around on the large grassy playground.

About 2pm we pulled into our site, one small Alpenlite in the midst of a bunch of Automate fifth-wheels. People stared at us as we explained our other trailer was an Automate. Someone finally put a sign on our rig saying it was a 2003 model Automate.

We enjoyed meeting with other Automate owners and had a couple of nice dinners in the rec room. We also received a copy of the new Automate Trailer manual that had been prepared by the club. It will be of some use.

Across the street from us were the Cochrans, owners of a 25-foot Automate fifth-wheel built in 2000. We heard they were interested in selling it, so we took a tour. It had a single slide and room to stand erect in the bedroom. Alice took an immediate liking to it, especially when we went home to sleep in the littler Alpenlite. We told Ray and Harriet we would think about purchasing their trailer.

Log Date: +1651: 021010: 34N26.74': 118W12.72': 2,546': Soledad TTN, Acton, CA

Thursday morning we headed over to Soledad TTN Park, our standard stopping place before the final leg into Jojoba Hills. It was 150 miles by way of Hwy-126. But Alice wanted to follow 126 through Santa Clarita on over to I-14 rather than going down I-5 to the interchange. That was a mistake. There are and endless series of stoplights, none of which are in synch. Or maybe it is the other way around, -- they are all in synch to be sure you have to come to a stop.

I did some refiguring on my retirement model to see if we could afford to put our money into a different traveling rig. We talked a lot about it and finally decided we could afford it. Of course, we needed to sell the Alpenlite. Saturday morning we called the Cochrans and told them we would be up in a couple of weeks to pick up the trailer. They agreed to wait for us to arrive.

Log Date: +1654: 021013: 33N27.13': 116W52.12': 2,191': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

We returned to Jojoba Hills on Sunday by way of Hwy-138 and I-15, a total of 144 miles.

Monday was my appointment with Dr. Wood. He said that after all the tests he thought it best that we do an angiogram to get a clear look at how the blood vessels in my heart were doing. We made tentative arrangements for the end of the month. Since Dr. Phillip, the opthamologist recommended by Dr. Jury, was in the same building, I stopped by his office to make an appointment for checking my eyes.

Tuesday started a series of Board related meetings, with several workshops and forums about the various issues. I also met with Rich Schweig of CTI to talk about next year's telephone switch maintenance contract.

Alice and I prepared an ad for the Clubhouse bulletin board advertising the little Alpenlite, and I sold some stock to raise the funds we would need to complete the deal for the Automate. The only response on the ad was one member who wished they had the money to buy the rig, but they didn't. We sent a deposit for the Automate.

On the 24th I was examined by Dr. Phillip and he said I definitely needed to have cataract surgery and that my eyes were sufficiently bad that Medicare would pay for it. The next day I went in for pre-op blood tests and that evening we joined a carpool of people from Jojoba Hills who drove to Julian for dinner and a performance of "Man from La Mancha." It was a good performance.

Over the weekend there were several quick meetings about budgets and reserves and management. Then on Tuesday morning Alice and I were up a 5am so we could drive into Murietta for my angiogram. The procedure went smoothly and Dr. Wood came by briefly to tell me everything looked clear. He arranged an appointment for a full review for November 11 and said I was clear to travel and be active after a could of days off.

I had an excuse to stay away from meetings the rest of the day but they started again on Wednesday. I had to go to town for a wound check on Thursday so I got part of that day off. Then it was the end of the month and we started preparing to go pick up our new trailer. All in all, October had been a very busy month.

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