Travel Log for January, 2003

Updated February, 2003

Log Date: +1734: 030101: 33N27.13': 116W52.12': 2,191': Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

Alice and I began the New Year in Jojoba Hills's Friendship Hall with 318 of our neighbors, less the few who could not stay awake until midnight on the West Coast. We had a delightful midnight buffet followed by decadent desserts and danced and partied until nearly 2am. Then we headed back up the hill to bed. The next morning was sleep and recuperate time, but Smoke Signals was due so I got up and finished the edits and sent the email off to the office. Since I was up I even did some weeding in the yard -- a bad precedent for the new year.

There was a workshop and Board meeting on the 2nd. One of the more interesting items was further discussion about the need for a bigger generator to operate our water wells in the event of an emergency. As a result I did further research on the Internet and used my New Madrid earthquake model to evaluate the impact of an earthquake on Jojoba Hills. My studies showed that if an event big enough to do major damage at Jojoba Hills hit on the Elsinore Fault (8 miles away and running under Temecula) or the San Jacinto Fault (17 miles away and running under Anza and Hemet) or the San Andreas Fault (35 miles away and running northeast of Palm Springs), our neighboring communities would suffer far, far more damage than our park would. If we did suffer significant damage, we could expect no help from outside because Temecula, Hemet, Anza, Riverside, and Los Angeles would be in far worse condition than we. If we lost electrical power it would probably be a significantly long time before it could be restored since the focus would be on repairing infrastructure in the urban areas.

It was my conclusion was that the Penny family's best course of action in the event of a major earthquake is 1) keep a supply of the essentials in our rig (including water, propane, diesel fuel, and a store of dried foods), 2) keep our boondocking skills high (conservation, use of solar power, catalytic heater, etc.), and 3) be prepared to evacuate the area as soon as the roads were cleared. One of the advantages of being a full-timing RVer is that we can make such a plan. Oh, regarding the generator upgrade: the park has a smaller generator that can be used by those left in the park for as long as the fuel supplies last.

There were several more committee meetings to clear up further items. I finally convinced Joel Swicord to act as Parliamentarian for the upcoming meeting, and the Board had several Executive Meeting issues to consider.

Mid-month Alice and I took the 55-Alive program from AARP, once again reinforcing the rules of defensive driving in our minds. It was a good class, and we even get a discount from our insurance company for having attended.

We worked on cleaning up our shed and prepping the trailer for travels. I decided to give up my hobby of oil painting and gave all my painting supplies to John Nelson. It had been four years since I painted anything, but the brushes and paints are still usable.

On January 23 we had our last regular Board Meeting, then had to have a special meeting on 1/24 to finish some final contract and Reserve issues. I finished the materials for the final mailing to the membership and gave them to the office. I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The following Sunday we attended a great Superbowl party in the Ranchhouse and the next morning I went in for my blood test. It appears that doubling the Lipitor dosage brought some of my numbers back under control, but I still need to exercise and lose weight to improve my ratios of good to bad cholestral.

Alice and I did more investigating of pricing for prescriptions and decided we needed to find a good pharmacist in Mexico, at least if I want to continue to take my meds. That would be a task for when we go out on our trip in February.

Finally, as the end of the month rolled around, Alice had her physical with Dr. Ebersole and received a good bill of health. All of the final reports and plans for the Annual Meeting seemed to be in place, and I was approaching a solid level of calm. It was almost frightening.

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