Travel Log for July, 2004
Month 5 of the Magical Book Tour

Updated July, 2004

Log Date: +2281: 040701: 34N29.8': 82W58.8': 768': Carolina Landing TTN, Fairplay, SC 29643

One of the strangest sights presented itself on our patio. There was a bright yellow-orange growth coming out of the wood of our patio table. It appeared to be a fungus, about a quarter of an inch high. The next morning in the sun it seemed to dry up, but when the rains started later in the day it came back to life. Alice decided against putting out the table cover, and I agree the yellow-orange fungus is much more interesting.

Thursday started nice and we decided to take it easy in camp. We walked up and down the hills for about 20 minutes before breakfast. I checked out the phone system for our Friday Dresser call; there was a phone in the laundry that we should be able to use. Early in the afternoon a young couple with a couple of pre-teen boys drove in to camp next to us in their Lance camper. They were Steve and Susan Bachmeier from Houston.

Then about 3pm the rain storms came in. There were a couple of times when it really poured down, but with the awning out it was not too bad.

Based on what Deb had said I decided it would be okay to share our internet access with our neighbors. I gave the key to the Lucchesis and the Bachmeiers and they were soon happily browsing the Internet. Alice wanted me to cook outside on the grill, so we had Chateau la Valentine Porkchops with grilled red peppers and cauliflower. All in the rain under the awning. It was pleasant.

Finally, we sat outside the rig on the patio as the sunset grew and I finished bringing the travelogue up to date. However, Alice swears there was no sunset, but I am sure I saw some kind of strange yellow (maybe it was orange) glow in the west about 8:30pm. Sandy came over to talk and we swapped earthquake tales. She is one of the few real survivor types I have met, even bolting her furniture to the wall and keeping a supply of water and food on hand back home in California. We planned to talk more.

Friday morning I found an email from Moni Smith saying she had put a link in her website ( to here. She likes the travelogues (Thanks, <|:) -- yours is one of the most interesting mazes I have been in). Alice then did her obligatory editing so I could post the travelogue this point. We are planning a great 4th of July. More next week or so.

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