I Will Survive The 7.9 Scenario

The 7.9 Survivor

survivor: one who remains alive and
continues his or her existence



March, 2004

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Statement of Purpose

Our country is not prepared, nor is it preparing adequately, for a truly catastrophic disaster in the very heart of our land. The probability for a giant earthquake on the New Madrid Seismic Zone is high, and the resultant risk to our way of life is much greater than the public realizes. Unless our citizens and government recognize the danger and take action, such an earthquake will likely leave the United States a crippled, second-rate power in the world. This website is devoted to providing a forum for the exchange of information on what actions to take to survive a disaster as bad as The 7.9 Scenario.

Sam Penny
March 18, 2004
My 67th birthday


I submitted a paper discussing the impacts of a 7.9 magnitude earthquake on the New Madrid Seismic Zone to the World Future Society 2004 Meeting to be held July 31, 2004, in Washington, DC. This paper outlines the dangers to our citizens and country and suggests actions that are needed to survive. The elements of this paper have become my manifesto, the basis for a public statement of my intentions and motives. It expresses my views of what I believe is the issue. Begin here to understand more of what I see as the problem.


What You Can Do

There are several areas where you can learn, prepare, and counsel your family and community on what to do. I have divided them up this way.

Be Realistic -- Recognize that truly catastrophic disasters can happen and plan accordingly.

Speak Out -- Be vocal and persistent about the danger and let your government know you are concerned.

Rationalize Your Priorities -- Determine what is really important in your life

Plan for Problems -- Learn how to protect your valuables.

Lower Your Risk -- Identify what in your life is vulnerable.

Live a Simpler Life -- Do not assume everything will function perfectly.

Stockpile -- Maintain a reserve supply of water, food, and medications.

Practice Risk Avoidance -- Do not put yourself in harm's way.

Take Responsibility for Your Life -- Don't depend on others to do it for you.

The Forum

It is my intention to provide a means for a discussion of the issues of survival of catastrophic disasters. This space is still under construction. Please bear with me.


I also plan to provide links to other sites on the Internet with useful information for surviving. Some of these are commercial sites selling items. I do not endorse or recommend what they are selling unless I specifically state so on this website.

Again, this space in still under construction.



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Sam Penny

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