Travel Log for November 1998

Updated on November 21, 1998.

Log Date: +216: 981105: 1645PDT: 39N41'0.44: 121W17'20.98: San Benito TTN

Rig at San BenitoWe drove to Walnut Creek for the TRIST (triple isotope stress test) on Tuesday, then I went to San Jose for an Embedded Systems Conference on Wednesday. Finally on Thursday we rigged the trailer for the 48 mile drive to the San Benito TTN Resort south of Hollister.

San Benito is a nice campground with many old, large sycamore trees. We camped near the family lodge, and spent much of the time just enjoying the peace and quiet, at least for a while. We walked several times and renewed some acquantinances from other TTN parks.

We found a couple of new friends, one of which is Jim Stevens from Garibaldi, OR, and his dog Buddy. He convinced me to try his waterless carwash product, Dri-Wash, and I have found it to be pretty good, but, as he says, "pretty pricey."

Misty at San BenitoThen we came back to the trailer Friday afternoon and found Misty collapsed on the bed. Her eyes were open, but she could/would not move. We rushed her to see the vet in Hollister, Dr Leroux. She was in shock, and blood tests showed she was quite anemic. He took xrays and found a large mass in her abdomen. The next day he did exploratory surgery and removed her spleen along with a large tumor that had hemorrhaged. We got the results of the biopsy the next Monday, and it was between benign and cancerous. The conclusion was that at her age (12+) she was as likely to die from something else as something associated with the tumor.

With all this activity and taking care of the dog, we cancelled our trip to Las Vegas and stayed at San Benito for a week, then moved back up to Morgan Hill TTN. About the only thing of note was that I got a lot more information from a fellow camper about using cell phones to hook to the Internet. This will be discussed in the PCs section of the page.

Log Date: +223: 981112: 1200PDT: 37N3'32.94: 121W40'4.74: Morgan Hill TTN Resort, CA

Thursday morning we packed up and headed back to Morgan Hill. We found another good spot in G section and settled in for the duration. I made a visit to San Ramon the following Tuesday and had sushi at the Sakura restaurant -- Alice was jealous. Friday we headed up to Sacramento for the Diablo Caravaners' monthly outing.

Log Date: +231: 981120: 1500PDT: : Cal Expo, Sacramento, CA

Friday morning we headed out towards Sacramento and the Diablo Caravaners outing. It was Alice's birthday, and she tried out the new blood-pressure device I had given her (boy, am I romantic!!). But then I stopped along the way in San Ramon and took her to lunch at Sakura where she could finally get her dose of sushi.

We arrived at Cal Expo campground and found it to be quite clean -- it was a large area of asphalt with full hookups, so it was hard for it to be dirty. Most of the Caravaners were already there, so I received a continual stream of conversation and advice as we were parking. As a result, my trailer was parked crooked, but it was okay.

We all went out to California Fat's Restaurant in Old Sacramento for supper. Again we celebrated Alice's birthday, only this time our daughter Deb joined us. We all ate too much.

It was a good outing with the club and we enjoyed the Saturday morning communal breakfast and the Saturday evening potluck. Then Sunday noon everyone but us headed back home. We had decided to stay in Sacramento until it after Thanksgiving, so we settled down for some rest and relaxation.

Monday morning we took Misty by the local vet to remove the staples from her surgery. She checked out OK, and the vet was pleased. She is still having trouble hearing. The vet wonders if it is "selective hearing".

We went to Martinez for Thanksgiving with son Michael and family; had a good turkey and visit. They are finally really getting on the Internet. Hurray.

Finally on Friday I completed all the pages in the new web site and went to Deb's to upload them. It looks pretty good, but Deb and Alice are going through with a fine-tooth comb and finding my mistakes.

Sunday we headed back down to Morgan Hill. The schedule was fluid as I watched the weather channel trying to figure out how to get there between storms. You can read about that trip in the December log.

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