Travel Log for September 1998, part 2

Updated on October 1, 1998.

Log Date: +158: 980908: 1630PDT: 45N14'13.25: 123W57'56.49: Pacific City TTN Resort

We headed out Tuesday morning for Pacific City, OR. I had set up the Co-Pilot and it faithfully directed us along our way. The drive was somewhat peaceful considering the traffic. We took US12 west to I-5 then south. We stopped for lunch in Vancouver, WA just north of Portland and had Chinese cuisine. We also did our grocery shopping at a Safeway. Lucky we did because there was not much more available down the road.

Leaving I-5 we took US26 then OR6 to Tillamook and turned south on US101. In that part of the country the roads are more narrow than in urban areas, and they wind a bit more. However, we went through some beautiful country and enjoyed the drive. The Co-Pilot had plotted its opinion of the best route to the TTN resort, and as we drove by the road TTN recommended, I commented to Alice that it better be right. We continued down 101 to the turnoff on Ferry Road called for by the program. That was the road to Woods, which we hardly recognized as a town when we reached it. We turned right across a narrow bridge as directed and headed back into the woods. Alice and I were both beginning to doubt Co-Pilot. She wanted me to stop to ask for directions; I wanted her to quit bugging me.

When I was finally to the point of deciding I would stop at the next point of information, the sign for Thousand Trails came up, announcing the park in 500 feet. Co-Pilot had proved its worth again!

We found a nice place to park and settled in. A fellow was picking berries which he said were huckleberries. I tasted a few and they seemed good. There were some larger ones, and I tasted those too. Alice was upset because I did not know what they were. We found later they were Salal berries, quite edible.

Yellow Submarine The park was delightful, built on fir covered sand-dunes across the highway from the beach. The lodge was up top about 200 feet. We walked the next morning, especially when we heard they had cinnamon rolls at the family lodge. The walk there for cinammon rolls was strenuous, but the rolls were worth it. We met Bill and Sandy at the lodge and found they were camped just next to us in a classic VW van. We dubbed it the Yellow Submarine.

The next day we went to Pacific City, called our friends Burt and Margaret who live in the area (got their answsering machine), and got our mail. We could find not substantial grocery store, but we did find an excellent Mexican restaurant, Los Caporales.

Oregon coast The next day we invited Bill and Sandy to join us on a drive up the coast. Along the way we had several nice views of the coastline. We visited several of the beaches. Then we stopped by the Cape Mears lighthouse.

Oregon lighthouse It was a very pretty place. One of its advantages was that the coast was already 250 feet high, so we walked down the slope to where the lighthouse stood, a good 30 feet above the walkway. The coast around was beautiful, and I took a number of pictures.


OceanSide, ORFrom Cape Mears, we went further north to Oceanside where we had lunch at RoseAnne's. The food was excellent!! Bill and Sandy went back a couple of nights later and said it was also very good, but the prices went up in the evening. After driving around the town, we headed over to Tillamook and went through the Tillamook Cheese Factory. I have no pictures from there, but I did buy some excellent cheese. Unfortunately, it did not last. The factory was very, very interesting, and I recommend going there if you have a chance. The ice cream is good as well.

The next day we went to the Grateful Bread Bakery and had a pizza. Excellent! While there we called Burt and Margaret again and found that my message had been cut, so they had had no way to call us. We went over to visit them at their home on Nestucca River Road. They live in a nice enclave in the woods. We made arrangements to have dinner with them the next night at the Riverhouse Restaurant in Pacific City -- it was excellent, though from the outside you had trouble imagining the place as a restaurant.

I was able to get on the Internet at Pacific City TTN in the Sales Office. We will definitely go back again.

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