Travel Log for October, 99

Updated on December 23, 1999.

Log Date: +546: 991001: 36N18';59.83:: 119W38'7.05: Kings County Fairgrounds, Hanford, CA

We started October at Morgan Hill TTN. We rigged for travel, dumped the tanks, and headed down the road on our way to base camp at Jojoba Hills. Our stop along the way was Hanford, 154 miles away. We took US-101 south to Gilroy then caught CA-152 over Pacheco Pass to Interstate 5. It was good road all the way and though I slowed to 35mph going up the grade it was an easy climb over the pass. I-5 is always a dream to drive, at least it puts you to sleep so you can dream. Then east on CA-198 to Hanford and the Fairgrounds we are getting so used to now.

We had a nice visit with sister Rosemary and her husband Everett. We went out to dinner and enjoyed ourselves. No heart attacks this time.

Log Date: +547: 991002: 33N26'40.10: 116W52'14.89: Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

We had 337 miles to travel to reach Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, so we were up and traveling early. The traffic was easy on a Saturday so we made good time down CA-99 to Bakersfield. The drive over CA-58 was uneventful. We stopped for lunch at the rest stop near Boron.

We turned down US-395 and caught I-15 and headed down toward San Bernadino. We took I-215 south to Riverside and on down to Temecula. When we got to the turnoff onto CA-79 South we found they had still not finished the road work, and the delay was long. We still made it to Jojoba Hills by 4:30pm.

We didn't stop at the office but pulled on into our lot and started setting up. Our next door neighbor Ramona came out to say hello and told us she was getting married to Cliff on New Years Eve. We were the first ones she had been able to tell first since the office had told everyone else who came back in before Ramona had a chance to talk to them. We are very happy for her.

I had forgotten the combination to the lock on the shed or it had gone bad. In any case, I had to use a hacksaw to get into the shed.

Wolf is homeFinally everything was set up and it was nice to settle down for a few weeks rest after so much travel. Both Alice and I were just tired of going and going. Wolf was also happy to be home and quickly settled in.

Since this is a travel log, I will not bore you with many of our experiences of sitting still. I did get involved with the goings on at Jojoba Hills and agreed to run for the Board of Directors. I helped do a study of the roof of the maintenance building and made a recommendation on how to fix the leaks, and I volunteered to get the web page for Jojoba Hills up and running.

rocket at Vandenburg AFBBut one thing stands out. One evening shortly after we arrived we were walking around and looked to the west to see this strange apparation in the sky. We found out it was a rocket launch from Vandenburg AFB. It was quite a sight, worth letting others see.

Mostly, I spent time working on the novel. It is coming along well, and some suggestions from my cousin and daughter have helped whip it into better shape. I was able to do some personal research when the magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck north of Joshua Tree in the middle of the night. It really rocked the trailer, but we had no damage.

Log Date: +569: 991024: 33N42'7.54: 116W23'24.19: Palm Desert, CA

Alice had an appointment with Dr. Bernstein in Palm Springs, so we took off a couple of days and drove over to stay with sister Janet and Michael. We did not take the trailer. This trip involved going north from Jojoba Hills on CA-371 through Anza to CA-74 and then going over the mountain down to Palm Desert. It is quite a drive with many tight hairpin corners. The road is wide and smooth so there is no real danger, unless you lose your brakes. Then there would be a problem. The Pac Brake did fine for us.

We had a great time on Sunday and had a delightful dinner and wine Sunday night. As a result, Alice's blood pressure was somewhat high at the appointment on Monday, so she gets to go back for more tests in December.

Log Date: +571: 991026: 33N26'40.10: 116W52'14.89: Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

We returned to Jojoba Hills and I continued to work on the book. I decided I would work to the end of the month and then spend the first week of November cleaning up things for our trip back north. Alice just enjoyed spending the time relaxing.

We started going to the aquasize sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It is good exercise, at least while the weather is warm.

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