RV Experiences
with the Ether,
aka The 21st Century

June 2004

I feel I have been one of the pioneers on some aspects of 21st century communications from an RV. I decided it was time to collect my thoughts and put them down in this section of our webpage. [That was written in 2004 -- what I wrote then is SO SO out of date. I promise, I will change it soon.

Internet Access

I begin with the highest priority: Internet access.

I began RVing with a modem in my laptop and visited whatever phone line I could find to call in to Earthlink.net.

Then along came Satellite Internet. The first versions still required the phone line, so I avoided them, but finally in October of 2000 Gilat announced the introduction of their product, Starband. Click on that link to read of my experiences in suggesting it was ready for RVers.

Happily, DirecWay finally came along with a system that is truly portable and easy to use in the field, the DirecWay 6000. I will tell you about my system in future updates.


We have an internal Wi-Fi system in our trailer to connect to the DirecWay modem and printer. It surely makes life easier.

TV Access

One important input to our life is DISH TV.

Cellphone Access

At this moment we have AT&T One Rate, an older service that has been purchased by Cingular. Things will change.