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January 2013

  You rarely see a picture of me. Here I am writing in the RV. Wolf is a seven year old Pomeranian. Alice behind our rig w/Starband antenna.

From 2008: Sam (pilot) ------ Wolf (lookout) ------ Alice (navigator)

In 1998 my wife, Alice, and I retired and began our Two Penny Travels. As we sold our condo and pulled out, I created this website and began what I called a "weblog" on the Internet to document our travels and tell what we learned about life on the road. What follows are the remains of my writings from that time. I have left most of the pages as they were, but have tried to eliminate the non-functional URLs and now-useless information. Links into my other websites provide even more useful information.

Enjoy our piece of history.


[In 2008 I wrote] Alice, my wife of fifty-one years, our dog Wolf, who has been with us for ten plus years, and I travel around the country in an RV (Recreational Vehicle) -- in our case an Automate 25-foot fifth-wheeler pulled by a Dodge truck. For the past ten years we have been members of America's class of citizens cal my wife of led the "semi-affluent homeless." My name is Sam.

Some say we have failed retirement, for we keep becoming involved in new and exciting experiences. This website is the portal to four such ventures.

The first is this website, Two Penny Travels, where I wrote about the kind of life Alice and I led -- I call it Life in a Small Cave (the working title of a book I hope to write someday). Started in 1998, this website contains one of the first weblogs on the Internet and records the history of our early travels around our country.

I enjoy writing, and worked on a multi-book project I call The 7.9 Scenario. I finished my first novel, Memphis 7.9 in 2003 and published a revised version in 2005. My second novel in the series is called Broken River. Both are now available on-line and in selected bookstores. I have suspended work on a third novel, entitled Phoenix of Memphis, to be published when the Hurricane Katrina story played out.

Alice and I are students of the future and have worked at learning from our experiences how to live in what will come, especially in the RV world. We have collected this knowledge in an associated website called the Prudent RVer. Here you will find suggestions of how to live prudently in today's world, and a store where you can purchase products we find to be useful for our prudent lifestyle, especially LED replacements for incandescent bulbs in an RV. [The store has since closed]

My fourth venture was to tell people what the remainder of the 21st century might be like. I call it Was A Time When. It is written as the memoirs of my yet-to-be-born great-grandson. In the meantime, I am doing a blog about survival called 3 Cats Stalking which relates to Resource Depletion, Climate Change, and Population Overshoot, the three catastrophes I see stalking the human race.

Here is a partial table of contents for the website:

Travels in Our Small Cave   The RV Travels of Sam and Alice is the original history of where we have been since retirement, both for your information and so we can remember. I have maintained this section since April, 1998 when we chose to live full-time in our RV. It tells what it is like Traveling in a Small Cave. We towed our fifth-wheel trailer 56,100 miles in the first six years of our retirement.
memphis 79 book cover   Book Publishing: Since I decided to self-publish a portion of my writings in 2003, Alice and I have been faced with doing much of the marketing and at least some of the sales for my books. Visit The 7.9 Scenario and Was A Time When to view information about what is available and links to the booksellers who carry my wares.
Travels in Our Small Cave   Book Tour: After being mostly stuck in southern California for three years, we returned to the road in March, 2004. In Sam's and Alice's Magical Book Tour you can read of our 2004 adventures on our book-tour travelogue throughout the eastern United States to sell the elements of The 7.9 Scenario. We were 4,860 miles along on that tour when I finally stopped blogging and had spent over 2,200 days on the road.
LightBlaster LED Lamp   Prudent RV LifeStyle: I entered the commercial part of the RV lifestyle in 2006, peddling products that Alice and I found could make a real different in RV living. It all started because of my search for good LED products. You can see the remains of our on-line store: Prudent RVer.
Enter Our Small Cave   A Small Cave, You Say? Alice and I have learned many useful lessons in our RV life-style that are useful to living an economical life. These lessons not only apply to people who travel and see the country but also to those who stay in one place. I share our observations about Life In A Small Cave with you here.
Small Caves Reports   Reports on Small Cave Living. Our own small cave can move from place to place. Moving your residence about has its own special problems. Our RV Travel Reports singles out those specific problems and issues we have found on the road. Some are funny, some are out of date, hopefully all are helpful.
Communications for a Small Cave in the 21st Century   21st Century Technology for a Small Cave. For me a most vital issue in today's world is communications. This issue requires special attention if you move about the country or live in out-of-the-way places. See my comments on Ether Experiences Inside a Small Cave.
Places Where Small Caves Congregate   Places Where Small Caves Congregate. Five and a half years ago we established a base camp at Jojoba Hills SKP Resort and I settled down to do some serious writing. This has been a great place for small caves to settle.
Guestbook   Miscellaneous Schla-Gala, All The Other Stuff That Didn't Fit Somewhere Else. Here you will find things like our awards, credits, copyrights, and email. I'm not sure what else will end up here.

Credits? I take credit for being the webmaster and author of this site. I have made it different from many others on the Internet. I decided not to use Frames or advertisements, so most everything appears as a simple document.

I also take credit for the TwoPenny logo, a piece I laboriously drew it in 1986 as the logo for our art gallery. It has been used for a variety of different functions and I decided it should decorate our website as well.


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