Listing of
Must Pay Modem Parks

Updated on September 10, 1999.

These are parks that have been identified as requiring payment for 800-number calls or expecting a donation to use their phone access. Unfortunately, most of the parks listed are TTN parks, our favorites.

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State/Prov City Park Name modem loc  comment
California Acton Soledad Canyon TTN in Family Lounge donation, checked 4/98
California Hollister San Benito TTN in library donation, checked 10/98
California Oregon House Lake of the Springs TTN 2 phones in Adult Lounge donation, checked 10/98 
California Palm Desert Palm Springs TTN 2 phones behind rec office donation, checked 5/98
Oregon Florence South Jetty TTN at RV store, $1 checked 9/98
Oregon Pacific City Pacific City TTN in Adult Lodge donation, checked 9/98
Oregon Sun City Bend TTN in office donation, checked 9/98