RV Report on
Escapees RV Club

Updated on June 5, 1999.

Alice and I are SKPs, #41036. One day in Folsom, California, home of one of the highest security penal institutions in the state, we happened to be talking to a friend in a coffee shop and told him about being Escapees. Our waitress was about to call the cops when we laughed and explained it was just the name of an RV Club. She was still eyeing us suspiciously when we left.

We joined the Escapees RV Club in 1995 at the suggestion of Alice's brother, Chuck. He had been a member for several years and thought it would be useful for us. Joining was one of the best things we did to prepare ourselves for the RV lifestyle. The information from the Escapees magazine alone has saved us far more than the $50 per year it costs to be members.

We use Escapees for much more than the magazine. We learned much at the two Escapade Rallies we have attended, and had lots of fun at the Fun Days last summer. We use their excellent mail forwarding service to receive our mail throughout the country. We found the voice mail service to be excellent, but have since started using a cellphone with voice mail. We have stayed at several of the SKP parks around the country and have joined one of the Escapee Co-op Parks, Jojoba Hills SKP Resort in Aguanga, CA. When we meet people on the road, some of the finest turn out to be SKPs -- always helpful, always optimistic, always up.

The Escapees RV Club has their own website which takes you through the whole story with lots of links to useful information. But the most complete exposition is found in Kay Peterson's essay, "Have You Considered Your Alternatives?" It covers much of the basics of the club, and I recommend reading it first if you are not acquainted with the SKPs.

And if you are already a SKP, send an email and say hello.

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