RV Travel Report on
Jojoba Hills SKP Resort

Updated on June 19, 1999

On May 28, 1999, Alice and I joined the Jojoba Hills SKP Resort. It is an Escapees Co-op Park. We leased a lot at the Park so we can park our rig there when we are in southern California and don't want to travel around. The lot has an 8' by 10' storage shed where we can leave some of the weight we were carrying around in our trailer. It also makes us neighbors to a bunch of great Escapees.

This will be an on-going report where I tell and show you about Jojoba Hills: what goes on there, who lives there, and how it changes from season to season. In the beginning, it will be short, but it will grow.

Our rig at Jojoba HillsOur lot (#608) is somewhat barren right now. We plan to do some landscaping when we get back in October. We do have a concrete pad next to which we park our rig, and there are a couple of shrubs on the lot at this time. You can see the our neighbor's shed behind the bush. Our looks just like it.

Our view at Jojoba HillsThe view from our lot is great. Across the way are the foothills of the Palomar Mountains which you can see in the distance. Below in the valley is Temecula Creek. There are a couple of other RV parks down below and some farms and ranches.

Lower Jojoba HillsThere are 280 lots at Jojoba Hills. There is currently a waiting list of 17 people wanting to lease a lot, but it does not take much time to get to the top. The lots are ranged around several hills of decomposed granite. It is high desert country with ocatilla, cholla, sagebrush, and yucca growing around the camp. There are a few trees growing where there is water.

The park is 17 miles east of Temecula on CA79. It is about 20 miles south of Hemet by way of R3. To the east are Anza and Julian. If you go far enough east you reach Palm Desert by way of CA74.

Sea Fog at Jojoba HillsThe weather at Jojoba Hills is influenced by the ocean which is 30 miles west as the crow flies; 44 miles driving a car. When the sea breeze is blowing in, it stays cool. When the Santa Annas kick in, it can be hot as blazes. There are four small man-made lakes on the resort that hold a reserve water supply in case of fire. They also provide a welcome relief from the desert dryness of the nearby hills. In one of the lakes there is a crocodile. Keep looking and you may see it.

Yucca over valleyThe park has been planted in lots of different flowers, trees, and shrubs, and there are some beautiful flowers in the spring. Much of the planting has been done in the common area, and volunteers from the park keep it clean and well-groomed.

Flower at Jojoba HillsThe resort has a great club house, with a large hall, a swimming pool, two hot tubs, two crafts rooms, a library, card room, billiards room, and laundry. There is an outdoor patio which large stove for barbeques and other gatherings. They have tennis courts, shuffle-board, and miniature golf. There is a machine shop and wood shop up the hill.

Palomar MountainsOn Sunday evenings there is a BBQ/potluck . There is often another potluck on Wednesday. On Monday and Friday there is icecream, and on Monday there is the weekly membership meeting.

I mentioned that the hills are decomposed granite. That is granite that tends to be soft and is easily weathered. It leaves large boulders of the harder rock, and these large rocks were used as construction material in a number of places throughout the park.

As time goes on, I will be adding more descriptions and photos to this page. Come back and check it from time to time.

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