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Updated on June 11, 1999

The following are various products that we personally have used on the road and feel we can recommend. Where we have pictures we show you what the product looks like.

CD storage - Roll-A-Disc

automate rigAutoMate Fifth-Wheel Trailer: To the left is of our fifth wheel trailer with our Dodge 2500 tow vehicle. The trailer is a 1997 34-foot AutoMate with triple slideouts. The AutoMate trailers are built to order at the factory in Los Banos, CA. They are the finest quality trailers we have seen. You can read more about it at the Report on Sam & Alice's Rig and Setup.

Dodge 2500 RAM Diesel: Our tow vehicle is a 1998 Dodge 2500 RAM Quad Cab with Cummins 5.9B turbocharged diesel. We have found the Dodge diesel to be a great rig. We found the vehicle at a dealership in Conroe, TX, through Edmunds.com and Autobytel.com. We saved quite a bit of money going this route.

PRI-D Diesel Additive: This additive was recommended by Andy Andersen at the '99 Spring Escapade. It conditions the fuel, prevents fungus from growing in the water condensation in the tank, and clears carbon deposits from the engine. I started using it at about 32,000 miles. My mileage towing went from about 11.4 to 12.2, an increase of 7%; unhooked mileage went from 17 to over 20 mpg, an increase of 20%. This was for an average cost increase of only 3.8% in the price of the diesel fuel, so it seems to be well worth it.

Dye-Magnet: Alice washes clothes with one these cloths in each load. It really does make the clothes come out brighter. They cost about $5 each and last for 50 washings (so they say -- how can you tell? Well, they have a test using a solution of Coca-Cola to tell you if it is still working.)

Trasan Miracle Cleaning Cloth: These clothes are great at cleaning dust, grease and dirt from surfaces. If even cleans the shower walls. We bought them from a fellow RVer. Last we heard they are now going through distribution.

Dri-Wash: I bought a supply from a fellow RVer in Palm Springs. It works well at keeping the truck nice and bright, provided I periodically go out and wipe the dust off. It is pricey, at about $32 per quart. However, that quart lasts a long time unless you repolish your rig every couple of weeks.

EcoSave Tank Treatment: We used this black water tank additive during our first year and found it to be very effective at keeping the tank under control. It is a dry enzyme and very environment friendly. In warm weather we add a teaspoon of baking soda after five days to control odors. We normally dump every seven days. Two jars lasted us a year at a cost of $14.

Chop & Chop Flexible Cutting Mat: This product form New Age Products in Oceanside is a wonderful addition for an RV. It replaces the wooden or plastic cutting board that is so vital for cooking, and does it is 1% of the space and even less in weight. It is a sheet of plastic about 1/32 of an inch thick, measuring 11.5 wide by 15 inches long. It's surface is like that of a plastic cutting board, and it is found in either white or grey. We usually cut at least one sheet into two pieces measuring 11.5 by 7.5 inches and round the corners. When a sheet gets too scared (about six months for us), throw it away. We found the sheets at Camping World for $3 each.

Wal-Mart Shoes: How low can you go? Well, I raced my 38 year old son for a $4 pair of running shoes at Wal-Mart's and lost the race. Since retirement I get along just fine in a $10 pair of walking shoes, canvas and vinyl with velcro fasteners. No longer do I require the $70 Nike or Reebok athletic shoes. I used to be a high-brow consumer. Now I take what works for the cheapest price. And Wal-Mart consistently seems to have a great bargain on men's athletic shoes.


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