RV Report on
Escapees Co-op Parks

Updated on June 5, 1999.

The Escapees RV Club has several RV parks around the country where SKP members can park. Eight of these parks are called Co-operative Parks. Escapees also have seven Rainbow Parks.

SKPs may lease a lot at an Escapees Co-op Park. This entitles them to stay on that lot for as much of the time as they wish, provided they pay the monthly maintenance fee and maintain their membership with Escapees. They have a shed on the lot for storage or whatever usage they desire (within limits). They can also improve their lot's appearance (within limits). When the owners go off to travel for an extended period, they are encouraged to assign the lot to the Park's rental pool while they are away.

Other SKPs can visit a SKP Co-op Park and stay on one of the rental lots for a nominal nightly fee. Typically this is about half of the cost of an RV spot at other parks in the area. They can also stay in the boondock area if they wish or if there is not yet space available from the rental pool.

We, the Pennys, lease a lot at the Jojoba Hills SKP Resort in Aguanga, California. We have also stayed at the Evergreen COHO SKP Park in Chimicum, Washington, Sagaro SKP Park in Benson, Arizona, Pair-A-Dice in Pahrump, Nevada, and the Timber Valley SKP Park in Sutherlin, Oregon.

In time we plan to visit the other Co-ops around the country, including Park Sierra in Coarsegold, California, The Ranch in New Mexico, and The Resort in Florida.

The waiting lists for leasing a lot in a Co-op Park vary, with waits at the different parks ranging from a couple of months to over seven years. You have to put up some amount of money to get on the waiting lists, and the rules and prices vary from park to park. Check with the individual parks for details.

We highly recommend staying at any of the SKP Co-ops. The facilities are top class, and the people you meet are all great SKPs (what more can you ask for). Be sure you go to whatever get-togethers they have going on while you are there.

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