Sam&Alice's Recipes that
Work in an RV

Updated on June 8, 1999

Eating in an RV can be a chore. The food should be easy to fix, be interesting enough so that you want to stay home and eat, should not dirty too many dishes, and should not take forever to fix or heat the rig too much (unless it is cold outside).

We are already into eating healthy, so the recipes you will find here are light, low in fat, and focus on vegies and lean meats.

The recipes listed below are planned for this page; there will be no link if we have not downloaded that recipe. We will change the list as our tastes change.

  • Chicken Fajitas
  • Chili Verde
  • Cranberry Apple Crisp
  • Crispy Chicken
  • Curried Salmon and New Potatoes
  • Egg, Bacon and Tomato Sandwiches
  • GameHen with 20 Cloves of Garlic
  • Garden Ranch Linguini
  • Lamb and Orzo Soup with Spinach
  • Pinto Beans and Cornbread
  • Pork Chop Stroganoff
  • Reuben Sandwich
  • Spicy barbeque shrimp
  • Tuna Noodle Casserole
  • Turkey Chili and Leftover Beans
  • Turkey Spaghetti Sauce
  • Turkey Stew and Muffins
  • Various barbeque suggestions

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    If you have a great recipe that is unique for the RV lifestyle,
    send it to us via email. If it passes our taste tests, we will add it here.
    Decisions by us judges are purely (burp) subjective. <\;-))