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Updated on September, 2000

Over time we write short reports on various aspects of RVing. Some of these might be of interest to you. The categories of the reports are

Internet Access
Living in an RV

RVing Equipment
The RV Lifestyle
Travel and Places - Updated 9/4

Computers - [TOP]

Why Have a PC in an RV?
Alice and I have many uses for computers as we full-time around the country. Do you do any of these things?

Computer in an RV
We have three computers in our rig. Here are some specifications if you are looking for a computer for your rig.

What Computer Peripherals Should You Have in an RV?
There are many options for equipment to attach to your computer. Here is a description of what we have.

If you have more than one computer in your rig, you might want to consider connecting them with a Local Area Network so they can share information and peripherals.

Internet Access - [TOP]

Internet Access and RVs
One of the biggest problems for a PC user in an RV is how to get Internet access. Some places are easy; some are hard.

Modem Friendly Campgrounds - this report is getting out-dated and I will work on it next update
Here are some lists of campgrounds that offer modem access. There is also a list of those that are not so friendly.

Living in an RV - [TOP]

Travel Tips for RVers
Here is a collection of tips that we have discovered in our time on the road. Some are common sense; others are not quite so obvious. We believe they all are useful.

Recipes that work in an RV
Living in an RV with limited space is not like living in a land-based home. Space can be a problem. So there are some dishes that work better in an RV than others.

Products that work in an RV
These are some of the products we have found to work well in an RV. We recommend them to other RVers.

Solar power and boondocking in an RV
Boondocking means living away from civilized power, water, and sewer resources. There are tricks to doing this successfully.

Ham Radio in RVs
Having an amateur radio license can be useful in an RV, even if you only use it for parking.

Sewer Hose Supports
Part of living in an RV is dumping, and a concern when dumping is how to best support the sewer hose. Here are some ideas, including one I invented that is cheap, works, and is fun to put together.

Organizations - [TOP]

Escapees RV Club
One of the best resources for information and support for RVers is the Escapees RV Club. We are members, and we recommend the SKPs very highly.

Escapees Co-operative Parks
Some of the Escapees Parks are Co-operatives where members can lease a lot and it can be rented out when they are not there. We have such a lot at Jojoba Hills SKP Resort.

Retirement - [TOP]

Retirement in an RV
These are our thoughts on retiring and living full-time in an RV. Included are our experience on expenses in an RV and a model for looking ahead to see that we have enough money to last.

RVing Equipment - [TOP]

Our RV rig and its setup
Our current rig is an Automate 34-foot fifth wheel. This is a description of our rig and some of the unique features of it.

Adequately Insure Your RV Rig and Contents
We lost a travel trailer and a pickup with cabover camper in a forest fire in 1997. We learned a lot about having adequate insurance.

The RV Lifestyle - [TOP]

Planning for retirement in an RV
One of the joys of retirement is that we can go live in an RV. But we had to be sure we could afford it.

Travel and Places - [TOP]

This town in the deserts of Arizona comes alive only during the winter, and then there are over a million visitors, most of them in RVs.

Jojoba Hills SKP Resort
We now belong to this Escapees Co-op. It is a beautiful place. Come visit it with us.

Flaming Gorge
We drove the 180 miles around the lake and saw a lot of interesting country, including the Sheep Creek Geological Area. Take a look.

Trip Back in Time
From Casper we drove out to Independence Rock, Devil's Gate, and Martin's Cove. Then we came back 34 miles across country along the route of the Oregon Trail. It was a trip back in time.

Colorado River Rafting Trip
We went to Moab and took an all day rafting trip down the Colorado River. It was delightful.

Arches National Park
While in Moab we spent one afternoon touring part of the Arches National Park. It was simply not enough time, and we plan to go back next spring

South Rim Grand Canyon - NEW 9/4
Our daughter joined us for a trip to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and then on to southern Utah. She and I competed on photography. We both have digital cameras.

.Bryce Canyon - NEW 9/4
We did an exhaustive study of most of the overlooks along Bryce Canyon and took some great photos.

Zion National Park - NEW 9/4
We spent a couple of days looking around Zion. There were lots of flowers.

.North Rim, Grand Canyon - NEW 9/4
While in Kanab we took a day trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. More canyon, but pretty spectacular.

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