Sam's Writing Log:
RV NetLinks published in
RV Companion

Updated March, 2003

In 1999 I like several other RVers with websites and travelogues, received an email from Bev Weiber, an editor who was starting a new magazine called RV Companion. She wanted people who actually travelled to write for her publication. She asked me to write a column for each issue suggesting Internet links that other RVers would find helpful and/or interesting.

On June 19 I sent my submission for the November/December issue of the magazine and in November received payment for my first submission. With permission from RV Companion all of my submissions can be found at the links below. Edits done by the magazine editor are not included.

Please be aware I have not removed any of the old URLs that have gone silent since I wrote the articles. Broken links abound because the Internet is such an alive and changing place. I have left them in for historical record.

#1 - Nov/Dec 1999
#2 - Jan/Feb 2000
#3 - Mar/Apr 2000
#4 - May/June 2000
#5 - July/Aug 2000
#6 - Sep/Oct 2000
#7 - Nov/Dec 2000
#8 - Jan/Feb 2001
#9 - Mar/Apr 2001
#10 - May/June 2001
#11 - July/Aug 2001
#12 - Sep/Oct 2001
#13 - Nov/Dec 2001
#14 - Jan/Feb 2002
#15 - Mar/Apr 2002
#16 - May/June 2002
#17 - July/Aug 2002
#18 - Sep/Oct 2002
#19 - Nov/Dec 2002
#20 - Jan/Feb 2003
#21 - Mar/Apr 2003

The 21st issue was my last. After a while the business of meeting deadlines gets old, and Alice and I were planning on traveling a lot more without much in the way of dependable Internet access, at least not enough to continue to put together timely articles about the Internet and interesting sites. It had been a great experience, and I thank Bev Weiber, the editor for RV Companion Magazine, for the opportunity to write and be published.

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