What Does It Cost To
Live In a Small Cave?

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Updated March, 2003

What are the costs?

Costs matter. At least some people think so

Oggy tried to explain. "Ou--ch! Ble--at!" which roughly translates into "Olla, I just can't make enough sea-shell beads to pay for staying in this place. The Classy Caveowners Association has raised its dues based on how many chambers we have in the cave and how many relatives live with us. With Ugg and his brood here, and your sister Egg and her dozen arriving soon, this cave just costs too much. One more unforeseen expense and . . ."

A low-flying bat swooped by Oggy's ear, picking off the misquito that was about to land on his ear. Startled, Oggy jerked his crudgel around, swinging at the bat-long-gone. Crash! Olla's favorite stalactite shattered as the stump of oak hit it, showering the fur with calcite shards.

Olla screamed. "You destroyed my favorite pillar. Now, you'll have to find a tree or something to put in its place."

"That's it," screamed Oggy. "I'm not buying a thing. We're outta here. Let Ugg pay the rent."

There are many costs with living in a cave.


There is the initial cost of the cave itself.

The you have to have a place to put it.

When you live in it there is maintenance, power, water, sewer, garbage, telephone, TV, Internet.

Then there are the costs of living in that environment. If it snows around your cave, there are certain expenses. If it rains, there are others.

I cannot give complete answers, but I can share our experiences on what the costs may be.





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