Solar Power in an RV

Updated on June 8, 1999

Our trailer is equipped with four solar panels (55 watt) with a complement of four 6 volt golf cart batteries. I have since added a fifth solar panel that is portable so I can get a better shot at the sun on winter days.

There are several reasons to put solar power on your RV. One obvious value is that it frees you from always having to have a hookup to use your appliances. It also can save you money in longer battery life and surge or low voltage protection for your electronics. And in the future, expect the price of energy to climb, so you can save money there as well. And, it is a "green" thing to do.

I did my own installation of solar in the camper I previously owned. It took a day, mostly because I was learning in the process. But I found the hardest thing was learning how to route power cables through an RV. For our new trailer, I let the manufacturer install the solar panels. I will talk more about the results as time permits.

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