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Sam Penny, the Prudent RVer has a standing commitment to publish any and all interesting articles he can think of that seem appropriate. Many of these are about LEDs, written during the time Prudent RVer was selling LED lighting.

These articles are archived on this website along with article images  where appropriate and are distributed on the Internet for general consumption.

Here is a list of our published articles, grouped by article type. As you can see, some are yet to be published.


Some Retirees Face Disappearing Income

LED LifeStyle

Use LEDs to Live Off-grid on Solar Power
LEDs Don't Make Good Space Heaters
3 Reasons to Use LEDs in Your Tent Trailer
You Can Have Too Much Lighting In Your RV

Advances In The LED Industry

How Do LED Lights Work

LED Applications

Use ZL1 To Eliminate Those Little Hungry NightLights
LEDs Make the Greatest RV Patio Lights  

Do's and Don'ts With LEDs

Beware the LED Killers - Over-Heating & Over-Voltage