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Recommended Reading

These are books I recommend for the Prudent RVer and Boater, along with my critique of the work. My criteria for book recommendations are

I wrote or read the book

The book provides a good discussion of a subject I think is important for prudent people to consider.

The book offers some sound advice I feel you might need.

My recommendations are entirely subjective, and I have read and like the recommendations myself. Points of sale are off-site, like at Amazon.

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Memphis 7.9 (revised) by Sam Penny: This is a novel about what it would be like in today's world to live through a 7.9 magnitude earthquake on the New Madrid Fault located 45 miles from Memphis, TN.

I wrote this novel to send a wake-up signal to the people of the Mississippi River Valley to the fact that they live on the most dangerous fault in the United States, and the chances of it fracturing in the next 50 years are better than one in ten.

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Broken River by Sam Penny: This is the second novel in The 7.9 Scenario series about the affects of a 7.9 magnitude earthquake on the New Madrid Fault.

This novel tells the story of what happens to the Mississippi River and the other water systems in the central United States in the event of a giant earthquake like what actually happened in 1811 and 1812.

The chances of such an event in the next 50 years is more than one in ten.

Was a Time When, a novel of the next 85 years

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Was a Time When by Sam Penny: This is the newest novel by Sam Penny, published December, 2011. It describes a scenario of the next 85 years of this century as seen through the eyes of someone who lives through the time of the greatest collapse of the civilized world.