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Shows and Rallies, 2010 & 2011

Prudent RVer has a kiosk at the Arizona Market Place in Yuma, AZ (4th Avenue and 32nd Street) for the 2010/2011 season (until April).

In the spring we will also be in attendance at the Gypsy Journal Gathering at the Yuma Fairgrounds March 6, 2011.

For health and other reasons (like age), Alice and I have stopped participating in most of the RV Rallies around the country to sell LEDs. We will do a show if there is a request for us to be there. If you see us on the road, we still carry our inventory, and we do sell over the Internet on this site. And we are always willing to stop and have a friendly chat about the value and use of LEDs.

There should be a number of shows around the country where you can find LEDs, sometimes the kind we sell. But first, we need dealers, so you will have to volunteer or find where the Prudent RVer is selling at a rally.

Catch us along our travels or buy from our website.


Nancy Lesser-Adamo, the LED Lady, is a partner in our kiosk at the Arizona Market Place and a dealer for Prudent RVer products. During the summer she will be traveling around the west, doing some shows as the opportunities present themselves and selling from her rig. We will provide a schedule when more is known of her plans.

There's just a multitude of useful information out on the web. Let me know if you see something we should show or some rally where we should have a presence.