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someone who is far-sighted, thrifty, wise, frugal, vigilant, & wary


These articles are written to educate on how to be prudent regarding the use of energy and lighting. More articles will be added as they are written. All articles are copyright Sam Penny, 2003-2008

These are today's Prudent Choices:

Use LEDs for RV/Boats/Home Lighting

What Is An LED?
Why Use LED Lighting?
LED Applications

Become Energy Efficient

What Is Our Energy Future?
Become Independent & Conserve

What Are The Alternatives?

Below is work in progress. Coming Soon:

Use Solar for RV/Home Power

What Is Solar Power?
Why Use Solar Power?
What Products Are Available?
Solar Cooking

Build A Knowledge Base To Survive

How Do RV Batteries Work?
Why Be Concerned?
What Books Are Available?