Travel Log Glossary

Updated on June 14, 1998.

I have been asked to explain some of the acronyms and other phrases I use in the Travel Log for those who are not among the "affluent homeless" (aka full-time RVers).


Most RVs can hook up to water and "shore power" when they are in an RV camp. Some also hook up to sewer connections. If there are no hookups, the RV must be operated like it is in the boondocks, away from all the civilized amenities, such as water and electricity. It must depend upon what water can be carried in its storage tanks and what electrical power can be carried in its batteries. Solar panels or generators may be used to generate new power for the batteries. Boondocking requires a conservative use of resources.


Direct Satellite System(?) is the service we use for TV. Our actual provider is DirectTV. The geostationary satellite transmits digital (MPEG encoded) signals that can be picked up by a satellite dish about 18" in diameter. We can set up our system in about 5 minutes and receive all the shows most people receive on their TV cable systems.


People who sell their home and start living on the road all of the time are known as full-timers. Some of us who do this think it is the greatest thing going; others think we are crazy as loons.


The Escapees RV Club (sometimes called SKP) is an organization for serious RVers headquartered in Livingston TX. It offers a set of services, including a monthly magazine, mail forwarding services, and voice mail services. It also has a set of parks around the country where SKPs (an sometimes non-members) can stay for a nominal charge. Most of all, it is a group of friendly people we really enjoy.


One of the "joys" of RVing is the disposal of the liquid wastes, both "grey" (washing) water and "black" (the smelly stuff) water. Most RVs have tanks where it is stored until it can be dumped. Most often, dumping is by gravity feed. A macerator is a bilge pump that can be used instead, so if there are problems with gravity or access or connections, the wastes can be pumped uphill, over a longer distance, or into small openings.


RV is the abbreviation for Recreational Vehicle. That seems to be any kind of wheeled vehicle in which people can live. For some full-timers, it means existance rather than recreation, though most full-timers I have met find living in an RV to be a lot of fun. RVs include tent trailers, travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers, and motorhomes.


See Escapee (S for ES, K for CA, P for PEE -- get it?)


Thousand Trails NACO is a camping organization to which we belong. It has resort around the USA where we can stay for no or a nominal charge because we have paid our yearly dues. We feel that TTN has some of the finest parks available. Our home TTN park in Lake of the Springs near Marysville CA.