Traveling in a Small Cave
Initial RV Travels with Sam & Alice

Updated January, 2004

Our rig at Jojoba Hills in the winter Last spring's flowers at Jojoba

Our Rig at Jojoba Hills (yes, that's snow) ------ Some Local Jojoba Flowers

Alice and I retired in April of 1998 to travel around the country living full-time in our RV, a 34 foot fifth-wheel trailer pulled by a three-quarter ton pickup. We have spent over five years at this endeavor. In 2000 we returned from a trip to Canada to settle into Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, our base camp in southern California. The next spring we watched the extremes. One morning we awoke to snow on the Palomar Mountains, and two weeks later we watched the flowers along the road blossom forth. Such is the beauty of this place.

My recent activities have been more focused. I was elected to the Board of Directors at Jojoba Hills and that takes a lot of my time. I have also written a column for RV Companion Magazine [now defunct] for the past three years and am working on a novel. But we did find time in the spring of 2001 to travel to New Orleans for an RV barge trip and then up to St. Louis and back to California. In 2002 we made it up the coast of California for five weeks. In 2003 we plan to travel more!

This travelogue records where we have been. At our ages we tend to forget, and someday we may want to know what we have done and what it was like. We invite friends and visitors to read about our earlier travels, or Click Here to skip to our Magical Book Tour.

In 1998 you can read about our adventures in our first nine months of full-timing and 1999 records the events of the next year. We began to slow down in 2000. though we did make it to Quartzsite, Spring Escapade, southern Utah with Deb, and Canada for Fun Days. We returned to Jojoba Hills in October and spent the rest of the year futzing around in Southern California.

rig in Anza Borrego desertIn 2001 I was elected to the Board of Directors of the Resort. We made a trip on a barge out of New Orleans, but when we came back to California the end of June, it was a busy, busy time.

We began 2002 at Jojoba Hills, enjoying everyone's company at the New Year's Eve Party. Then in February I was elected President of the Board and it got even busier. We finally made it out for a short trip the end of August. I made it to a couple of writer's conferences, but most of my time was consumed with Board business. We bought a smaller Automate fifth-wheel in anticipation of traveling more in the next year. Health issues became important as well.

Finally in 2003 we got back into travel mode. After the Annual Meeting the first week of February we were able to head out for a couple of weeks in Arizona visiting friends and relatives and picking up our prescriptions. The end of March we headed out for an exteneded trip through Arizona, Texas, and Oklahoma. In May we reached Tennessee and fought with the weather. Giving up we moved to Ohio to visit our son in Dayton. Next it was Kansas and then Yellowstone where our daughter Deb joined us. After touring Yellowstone and the Tetons, we headed over to the Columbia River Gorge and the volcanos of the Cascades. After Deb left us, we started our way back to Jojoba Hills, visiting friends along the way. But when we got there I found I needed to get back into the Board thing.

In 2004 I finished up my term on the Board of Directors at Jojoba Hills. At the Annual Meeting on February 5 Phase III of our retired life was over. It was time to get into Phase IV.

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